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siStar Alluvia

Alluvia Love, Photo Credit: Athena Llamas

Alluvia Love, Photo Credit: Athena Llamas

One of our dear community members and sweet soul-siStar, Alluvia Love, crossed the rainbow bridge just after noon (Pacific Time) last Friday. You may remember her wisdom on sovereignty and her loving heart. She has been a spiritual miracle in human form for so long, always approaching her transitions with pure allowing. She’s held the vision of New Earth, sending so much love and NOW into our evolution, and I will forever be grateful. My heart is sad for missing her physical presence, but we have an Angel on the other side who, as always, serves us all.

Within an hour of her peaceful passing, Dana and I had the great honor of sharing shamanic transition rites with her, her lovely daughters, and three faithful caregivers who stayed by her side for the several days leading to her transformation. So much love for Alluvia’s daughters, and healing blessings too. My love flows to you always, my dear sister, Alluvia, once again soaring with Spirit, unfettered by physical form.

Below are links to two blog posts that she authored specifically for our community, re-shared in deepest respect and honoring for all the wisdom she flowed freely. Here too is a sweet little video she uploaded last Thanksgiving, sharing blessings and a loving chant that she also sang for Dana and me in ceremony at the winter solstice. During her transition, she came to me several times in dreamspace, singing this song and showing me many adventures that await us in the New Earth. Oh my! She loved travel and adventure, and she lived beyond fear more than anyone else I know.

InJoy her essence and wisdom, if that feels right.


Letting Love Lead

“The New Science of Personal Responsibility”  (this post begins with the magical story of our first meeting)


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4 Responses to siStar Alluvia

  1. Laura Bruno says:

    Oh, she IS just lovely! Sorry not have gotten to know her on this side of the veil. You and Dana are, indeed, blessed to have crossed paths with her. Blessings, love and light!

  2. I knew the soul that is Alluvia Love aka Alexanderia. She brightened our SRF meditation group in Reno considerably. Tonight, I was the reader at the SRF meditation service so I dedicated the service to her tonight after Bob told me of her passing. We will miss her indeed.
    Interestingly the service reading topic that I choose (before I knew of her transition) was “Death where is thy victory, death where is thy sting?” (Google that.)
    Love and Light

    • How beautiful to hear from you, Laurette, and to hear your story of synchronicity. Yesterday I posted this on facebook: “One of the gifts from beyond that I am witnessing from Alluvia Love… it’s the way her “peeps” are coming together to know one another. Before she was a hub in human form, and we were many spokes in a wheel called to be with her spirit. Now we are more weblike, interconnected with one another as we witness how many loved her and find ways to reach out to one another in support, in love. Just another one of many gifts from Alluvia. Ain’t she something? Now and always? As always, siStar, you blow my mind and heart.” Your sweet message is but another example, n’est-ce pas? Oceans of love…

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