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During a sleepless night, the thoughts below tumbled through my awareness like water over a rocky river bed. I took an inventory of each time I gave my power away to another being, why and how. Then I turned it around to see where I gave my power away to my own beliefs and habits. As I surveyed the flow of empowerment, including the powerful teachings of the ebbs, I felt myself grow more willing to stand in my sovereignty and divinity, to be unstoppable.

As we enter the traditional holiday season, we may feel invested or distracted or something else entirely. But we will all be affected by the energies of the days greeting us. Who will we choose to BE? What gifts will we bring forth?

Whatever you create, whatever you offer, I send you oceans of love and blessings, celebrating your worthiness, you divinity, your sovereignty.

White Salmon River, Washington

White Salmon River, Washington


I am not a guru. I am not a good girl. I am not a healer, teacher, leader. I am not the sage in Sage Spirit. We are each and all our best source of wisdom.

I AM the witness to the essence of divinity that we all BE. In my role as coach, I coax myself and others out of the funk of small-thinking and -playing that mocks our true BEingness.

So many of us are engaging in deep shadow work. We may feel at times that we BE our shadows, but that is never true. They lurk and loom large, but when we love them into the light, they and we transform. We are made whole, free, empowered, beyond the need for perfection.

I have danced in the dark.

I have been tested, brutally tested.

I will not surrender my sovereignty,

my divinity, for anyone’s ego needs,

especially not mine.

As we all stumble and tumble into the new paradigm, I believe it’s a great act of service to see and hold space for the divinity in others when they themselves forget. We may need the favor returned soon enough.

This, to me, is a timeless expression of leadership. And we are ALL that, if we are willing.

What is the essence of leadership for you?

What gift will you offer the world today as a god/goddess of BEing?

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6 Responses to I AM

  1. Dana Meister says:

    Well Denise, You know how I love to argue and debate… I would like to take issue with your statement above that you’re not the sage in Sage Spirit.

    I’ve watched you create Sage Spirit and build it into a powerful force of light and learning in our community. I’m well aware of not allowing our egos to become inflated by thinking we’re some great “healers” (we can only heal ourselves) or some guru’s up on high.

    I think what we (you) have become are open channels who have done enough of our shadow work to be able to channel wisdom from the collective without our personal agenda driving the bus. Those who are truly here “of service” do so without the pomp and circumstance.

    In this I applaud you!! The Sage in me reaches out to the Sage in you to promote enlightenment and peace!!!

    • Ah, Dana… the amazing and complex dance of life and the solace we may find in one another… I wrote these empowered words (though perhaps self-effacing as you suggest) last week, truly feeling my unstoppability. I came home last night feeling so much less than that, and the comfort and wisdom you provide always soothes this (at times) weary soul and spirit. I wouldn’t traded the complexity for anything, and I cherish your love so deeply.

  2. tania says:

    beautiful <3

  3. Bruce Knowlton says:


    Oh, the wonders of the Tai Chi in life. When we are aware the Tai Chi will always be our choice of which path we take. There will always be the light or the dark, the love or the hate, the health or the sickness, this choice or that choice, that is what is represented in the Tai Chi symbol.

    You are indeed a messenger of opportunity to connect with the inner spirit. The wise ones understand that to be whole one cannot give up their strength to others, but help direct others to find their own. You are a wonderful guide and an example of what it is to walk in the path with the spirit.

    Stay in touch with your peace and recognize when the dark side is offering its self..acknowledge it and either let it in or politely said “Thank you, but No Thank You”…both sides of the Tai Chi will always be present.

    Blessing in Qi,
    Bruce Knowlton

    • Hi Bruce,

      I’m truly honored by your wisdom-share in this space. I can sense more and more the balance of Tai Chi in every aspect of the dance of life. What you offer in our community is of tremendous value. Plus I love love love your wit!

      Wishing you joyous and blessed holidays and life,


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