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Tolle on Love

Nearly a decade ago, Dana and I came together for an experiment in love. Of course, we are known to be a bit contrarian, so rather than following the precepts of monogamy, marriage, kids, happily-ever-after and til-death-do-us-part as a foundation for relating, we chose to follow love, honor, honesty, integrity, and heart-full communication, while inviting joy, harmony, expansion and abundance. We let the form of our love grow organically from these energies and values.

Most often our fountains over-flowed with love and joy. At times we have known unspeakable pain, breakdowns, breakups, and cleansing tears. We find it’s not easy to show up as love when our egos craft fear-based stories of jealousy, envy, rejection or abandonment. These fears are deeply ingrained in our subconscious programs to ensure our survival within family, tribe and community. In cultures of old, inclusion was the path to survival while alienation led to dangerous vulnerabilities. The only way through the fears is to shine the light of consciousness upon them, to discern those that serve and motivate us into needed change from those that limit growth and potential.

I have no regrets, for conscious relating is as vital to me as air, fresh water and food-of-the-earth. For all we have survived and learned, we are not only smarter, we are stronger. And we have emerged as spiritual warriors.

I celebrate all the ways that authentic love shows up, in traditional and non-traditional ways. In our sage spirit community, we have several young families. They are wildly creative, spiritually grounded, and old, old souls with the wisdom of the ages (even the babies). I’ve been blessed to experience communion with the babies since before their biological conception through the gift of Reiki and intuition. I can tell you, with all my heart, that these beautiful souls give me faith and hope for our future on this planet.

I also know many young people in our community, not yet committed to any particular form of relating, but consciously choosing their path. Many gravitate toward creating intentional communities, with an emphasis on spiritual growth, consciousness, vibration-raising and ascension, along with honoring the earth. I find this really exciting!

I also know poly-pioneers, who choose to follow the song-of-their-hearts rather than follow conventions. Truly, it can be risky business opening to the potential of loving more than one at the same time. There are a few bits of literature to inspire and guide, but the sources are few and far between.

Are we for marriage? Yes. Are we for divorce? Yes. Are we for monogamy? Yes. All of you have different ways of satisfying your desires, and all of it is appropriate or not. And only you, individually, know if it is appropriate or inappropriate unto you in this moment. ~ Abraham

Of course there are so many other ways those in our community show up in love. Regardless of the form our love takes, these are times for following our hearts and intuition, rather than allowing our fears to keep us in neat little boxes. Since our fears are fed daily by the media and collective consciousness, we have to choose to show up as love, moment by moment, day by day, in authentic ways and with unwavering commitment. It’s an essential component of our personal, community, and global transformations. Love, in all its many free-flowing forms, helps to heal the collective and our beautiful planet. Love really is the answer.

I am no advocate or champion for any particular relationship paradigm, but as a Conscious Evolution Coach I love to be a guide and champion for others’ discovery of their own authentic love styles and for whatever healing they may have to go through to reach their fullest expressions of love. I feel so blessed to walk this path.

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