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Chasing Abundance

Today’s blog post is another in our guest-blogger series. You may remember Dana Nöllsch  from his recent guest post, “Walking Oracle.” Today’s post, on “Chasing Abundance” has been a collaborative project for us, in that Dana had the inspiration and sent a draft to me. I got so excited by the content, even in rough-draftish form, that I gave it lots of structure through the course of a few edits. We absolutely love coming together in these collaborative ways, feeling more deeply into community and learning more and more to trust and borrow from one another’s strengths. Of course, we enjoy such collaborations with others from our community, including our Beloved’s Mary and Dana Meister (Bratcher).

I’m working on a longer post on “Reiki Science and Spirit,” as Dana edits a recent “Socha Says” video on soul contracts, but this post just wanted to burst forth into your world quite quickly! So here it is, without further delay…

Photo by Tele Raack

Photo by Tele Raack

Chasing Abundance

What is it that you want more of in your life?

Have you ever wanted more – more abundance, spirituality, space, cohesion, harmony, peace, love or ??? Longing and desiring can be delicious, plus a call-out to the Universe to attract what we want most. Many of us feel longing much of the time. For the past several years, I have felt this so much. I’ve found the catalyst to be in the art of teaching and of forming deep connections with people around me, especially when we are exploring and creating a common goal. As examples, I love to teach photography, seeing my students light up as they capture photos that articulate something of value to them, expanding in their capacities and their confidence. Practicing Reiki and other energy modalities create similar longings for me, as I feel the deep light and beautiful energies of others. I have the privilege of witnessing their expansion through our shared experiences and spiritual connection. Such opportunities excite me and bring a profound sense of fulfillment deep within my heart and my soul. At the same time I feel a longing to create even more of these opportunities while going even deeper into the sensations and emotions they invoke. Exchanging energy and light with others feels as natural as breathing and as satisfying as a home cooked meal. Such experiences sent me on a quest for more, even if I did not know it at the time.

For what do you search, without even being aware of the quest?

Feeling the need and desire for more in my life can be overwhelming at times. I’ve noticed that left unchecked, desire can spiral out of control. This was part of my journey at times, feeling obsessive about growth for my employers or feeling the competitive drive to be my personal best. Now that I am a business owner, I’ve learned that it’s unrealistic to expect more than 20% expansion a year. Wow, that doesn’t seem like much.

In our personal life, how much desire is too much?

Sometimes I feel frustrated by hitting plateaus. I witness this in all forms of growth, from body builders and other athletes to plants and puppies. Suddenly growth seems to cease, or at times I even feel myself fall back a bit. If I respond with frustration, a default setting it seems, I may want to give up and let go of the goals I set. This is a challenge, and if I work through it I find myself growing stronger and wiser.

How can you be more steadfast in working through the times of slow to no forward progress?

Because I chase spiritual abundance, I must also embrace change and transformation. Yet, there are times when I look in the mirror and I have no idea who it is that’s looking back at me. I constantly see the world differently. I find new and deeper ways of being, responding to things differently than I expect at times. We all talk about inviting abundance. But are we really ready to embrace all the deep changes it may bring, within ourselves and in our experience of life?

Are you ready for a new you looking back from the mirror into your soul?

How can you prepare for such life-changing ways of being?

I’ve found that when I invite more abundance, I often must let go of something I already have. If your hands are full of apples, and someone offers an orange, are you willing to drop an apple? If your mind is full of fear and you desire peace and calm, can you let go of the fear? Yes you can, if you are willing. We all can let go of what no longer serves to make room for a brighter more loving way of being. I know this because I have done it.

What are you ready to let go of? What no longer serves you?

To invite more abundance, I suggest these steps that have worked for me for your contemplation:

1. Create the intention to invite more abundance into your life;

2. Acknowledge in concrete terms what it is that you want to bring in;

3. Keep the energy moving, even when you are daunted, by consistently focusing on what you desire;

4. Replace negative self-talk as soon as it arises so that you build deeper awareness of your subconscious thoughts while training yourself away from negativity;

5. Seek support from you family, friends and tribe/community who are willing to support you;

6. Seek support for helping you address those who resist your change process, as this can feel the most devastatingly derailing at times.

Change, in our society in general, is something to fear and to resist. Congratulate yourself on being among the few willing to embrace positive change, for desiring and allowing more abundance in your life.

What do you desire?

How can you keep yourself motivated?

How will your life be improved?

Who will you become?

Who can you count on for help and support?

Where can you go for additional support when there’s adversity?

I invite you to join me in this journey of self-discovery, expansion, and abundance. The truth is, whether we invite it or not, we are in a constant state of change. We have the power to consciously guide our personal growth to the place we choose to be, and to choose again, as we evolve.

This gift of life is yours; feel free to live it in wild abundance.


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