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A Journey of the Spirit

Psychic Fair Photo

As I write in this moment, I am integrating so many amazing experiences from this fall’s Reno Psychic Fair. In the past several years, I’ve had interesting roles there, contributing on behalf of Reno’s Om Home, a sweet spiritual community, and volunteering for my dear friend, Karen Lang of Lemurian Stargate. You know how much I adore hanging out with the crystals. Karen’s light shines even brighter than her treasures (which says a lot!), and we’ve enjoyed so many remarkable moments witnessing revelations, healing and more as people come together with just the right crystal companions for the next part of their journeys.

Last spring a vision surfaced as Karen and I, along with Dana Nollsch (ZenSpirit and PhotoZen) and Tim Glenn (Soul Purpose Readings) worked and played with the crystals. This year, we birthed that vision of a community within the Psychic Fair community. We articulated it for the Reno Psychic Fair in this way:

Dana Nollsch of ZenSpirit and Denise Sheehan of Sage Spirit Coaching & Reiki provide crystal Reiki, intuitive readings, Tarot and Oracle spreads, and channeling to help you to step more deeply into your spiritual path and destiny. Other members of our spiritual community will join in the fun and offerings, including our neighbor at the fair, Karen Lang of Lemurian Stargate. We are eager to connect more deeply with our spiritual community members, to create more cohesion and support for our collective journeys. Ours is an offering of love and joy, for the greater good and abundance of All.

Kelly Aguilera, Manager of Pure Yoga, also joined us. We wrapped the perimeter of our area with crystal-covered tables with a nice large opening to invite our community to join us. The experience proved beyond our wild imaginings! So many wonderful people came to visit us, enjoying the Tarot readings and Reiki. In fact, we were so busy we had a waiting list for much of the weekend. I met new and fascinating people, some just beginning their spiritual journeys and some quite seasoned by the path. All held so much wisdom within and had so much to share. Many friends came by too, some for healing energies, some for a friendly ear or hug, some for insights into what lay beneath some of the puzzling themes of their lives. In all cases, we shared so much depth, so many insights.

So here’s a little flashback inserted into my story. Years ago, I shared a healing session with Astarius Miraculii, receiving Reiki, didgeridoo sound healing and chanting. This was long ago, when I still experienced much chronic fatigue and had challenges enjoying even low levels of functioning many of my days. After that session, I felt light and vibrant for two weeks! Everything tasted better. All colors seemed brighter. I sensed that I was floating most of the time. Those two weeks really helped me to shift my awareness back into that of a highly-functioning person once more, which greatly aided my healing journey. I often play Astarius’s Reiki chants during my Reiki trainings, so I was so excited to hear that he would be returning to the Reno Psychic Fair after many years away. Well, what do you suppose happened? Dana Nollsch and I had the magical opportunity of sharing a video-taping of a healing ceremony with Astarius. I got to be the fortunate recipient of the healing energies once more, and following that, Astarius and I had a brief interview session about his work while Dana filmed. I promise to share all this when Dana finishes the back-end processing. After filming, Dana and I offered double-Reiki for Astarius, which felt really powerful and empowering of Astarius’s goals. Another musician/healer at the fair commented later that he could actually see the healing vortex surrounding the three of us, full of vibrant color and energies, supporting Astarius in his spiritual journey. At the end of the fair, Astarius honored Dana and me with words, noting the way we showed up as love for all who came to grace our community.

At the fair, we didn’t have formal price structures for any of our offerings. Instead, we just had a “love offering” jar. Our services were available to anyone, whether they could pay or not. We found that we felt so blessed by those who came, with expressed gratitude and a love offering jar overflowing gracefully. This is really adding to my emerging thoughts of new-economy and how that may be shaped. I’ve also been thinking about the call to service, how and why that shows up for so many of us. More than thinking, in my integration of my experiences, I am over-flowing with love and appreciation for all that happened, all the love and magic.

I welcome your thoughts in the comments section below:

 What experiences serve to inspire you and to feed your spirit?

What is magic to you? How do you invite it into your day?

What is service? Where does that impulse come from for you?

What is abundance? What “new economy” might provide more for us All?




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