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Healing/Wholing Shamanic Reiki Oracle Blessing

  What’s new at OdaBe? The next big project, post soirée, has begun: the Whimsy Love Labyrinth! This labyrinth will not be classical, but intuitive. It may not be symmetrical as it adapts to slightly sloping earth, sagebrush and junipers. … Continue reading

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A Journey of the Spirit

As I write in this moment, I am integrating so many amazing experiences from this fall’s Reno Psychic Fair. In the past several years, I’ve had interesting roles there, contributing on behalf of Reno’s Om Home, a sweet spiritual community, … Continue reading

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Walking Oracle

Today we have a guest blog post from Dana Nöllsch of PhotoZen, ZenMedia and ZenSpirit. Of course, Dana’s creativity and spirituality come through all of his art endeavors, and you’ve seen many of his photos and videos on this blog. … Continue reading

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