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Healing/Wholing Shamanic Reiki Oracle Blessing


labyrinth begins

What’s new at OdaBe? The next big project, post soirée, has begun: the Whimsy Love Labyrinth! This labyrinth will not be classical, but intuitive. It may not be symmetrical as it adapts to slightly sloping earth, sagebrush and junipers. The heart-center is big enough for two, maybe more, to meditate in lotus. We love to offer this by and for the community, a place to meditate, to BE, to embrace unwinding and winding, letting go and gathering. Feel free to share your vision, your energy, your insights, and perhaps even your presence as we evolve. Bring rocks when you come to visit, or just your sweet energies.

Today I offer you a channeled message infused with Shamanic Reiki blessings. The Medicine Cards and Shaman Oracle Cards serve as a foundation. The images anchor me as I open to a message that flows through my consciousness and hands. The messages are intended for our individual and collective healing, with the help of Socha, my spirit guides. I hope you enjoy the wisdom and energies, and may they serve you well in your conscious evolution.

Healing/Wholing Shamanic Reiki Oracle Blessing

shamanic reiki oracle

Have you been looking everywhere for your magic love potion? Have you also looked within to excavate your own barriers to loving?

Some interesting guidance has been coming through around the nature of addiction and the ways we block our capacity for love and vulnerability. Using the term “addiction” broadly, we may include alcohol and other drugs, but also food, a particular person, sex, anger, the need to be right or to be passive, etc. It’s not the thing itself that creates problems, but our relationship to it may.

We know from research that addictions are often seeded in childhood trauma and/or abuse. Socha, my spirit guides, say that the trauma creates a closing off of the heart, but we know that heart and mind congruence is the path to a vibrant, healthy life. How can we know congruence when our hearts are closed off and our heads rule every day? Addictive behaviors can numb the mind so that the heart has an opportunity to express and to be heard and felt. It creates a balance of sorts, but through a weakening of our intellect, intuition, will and life-force. A better way is to unconditionally love the inner child who dwells within, to allow for healing/wholing so that congruence can come in this way.

Are you ready to heal? To live without shame? To love fully?

Dragonfly is here to support your change journey. What small voice within have you been ignoring? Yes, that’s the one. Pause. Listen again. Feel your resistance. Acknowledge the way your patterns have protected you in the past. Now, breathe them away…

And prepare for a new day, the hummingbird way of deeper joy and expansive love-of-all. And here’s a bonus prize: you get to align with your deeper destiny, the one of your own making in complete free will, but that also aligns with the choices you made before coming once more to earthschool. Admit it. You know you are here for something more.

Are you ready to love your life even bigger? Will you let fear of change stop you? Or will you seize this moment for your deeper awakening?

Your mantra, Beautiful Beloveds:

Life bursts forth from within me. My childlike innocence brings joy to all-that-is. The magic of the Universe supports my most authentic, courageous expressions. I am change. I am joy. I am love.

In bliss and love, with abundant shamanic Reiki blessings from my heart to yours ~ Denise
Synchronistically, this video from Matt Kahn came to me with information on how to heal the inner child and to come into mind/heart spiritual congruence, just as I began to embrace my own heart-healing and freedom from my addictions:


May you InJoy.

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