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Walking Oracle

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Today we have a guest blog post from Dana Nöllsch of PhotoZen, ZenMedia and ZenSpirit. Of course, Dana’s creativity and spirituality come through all of his art endeavors, and you’ve seen many of his photos and videos on this blog. At the same time, he has created a remarkable spiritual journey through his studies and practices of Tantra and as Reiki Master Teacher.

Dana has an extraordinary connection to Source, with very powerful guidance and intuition flowing through all his ways of being in the world. He created the “Oracle of Divination” community on facebook, offering daily Tarot readings with thoughtful inquiries and empowering mantras. He is also a conscious channel for Socha, our spirit guides who often share here. The information we each receive often compliments in ways that are most informative.

Soul-full relationships are not the easy kind. ~ Socha

As many of you know, Dana and I have enjoyed some intriguing twists and turns in terms of our personal and professional collaborations this past year-and-a-half or so. Aside from Dana’s beautiful wife, Mary, and my own Sweet-Sweetie, DanaB, I think that perhaps no one knows us better than we do of each other. We’ve formed an unconditionally loving bond that’s been born of many hard Truths. I am blessed and grateful for this sacred relationship that’s added so much value and growth to my own experience.

Here’s Dana’s blog post on “Walking Oracle:”

Photo by Dana Nollsch, www.photozen.us

Photo by Dana Nollsch, www.photozen.us

The art of divination may serve to entertain, to access intuition, or ultimately to foretell the future. With many forms of divination we are called to interpret signs, symbols and images to find clarity about our life-experience, to more fully access our potential, or even to reach a greater vision of how life can be. Several popular forms include using a pendulum, reading runes, or drawing Tarot or Oracle cards. One intriguing form that Denise and I created we call the “walking oracle.”

We noticed on our walks that we were often struck with the sights, sounds and even smells that we encountered and that felt significant or ripe for interpretation. It’s similar to using the images on a Tarot deck to interpret for deeper meaning or for accessing intuition. The key is that something would catch our interest as we walked by, almost demanding to be noticed. The symbols may be culturally symbolic, such as a black cat crossing our path, or they may be as subtle as a sequence of numbers on a license plate. We found that taking photos of the images that spoke to us would help as we reflected on the meaning during the course of the day. Using a phone camera is easy and offers an avenue for sharing the images as well.

We discovered a few tricks to help us to go deeper into the walking oracle and into our intuition. Meditation and breath work before taking our walk can be a good way to open up to all of this. Being really present to the surroundings, perhaps being in silence, can help. Walking in an unfamiliar place can also create more space and presence, along with intuitive guidance, especially if it’s a place that excites the senses. New sights and visions help to open to unique symbols, plus the possibilities they may present.

For me in my life, divination in its many forms has brought me more insight and a deeper connection to my guides and to my angels. Divination in its many forms has become an important part of my life path, whether it’s drawing a Tarot card or enjoying a walking oracle. Inviting intuition into my day in a conscious way has proven to be fascinating and eye opening in many ways.

I invite you to take a morning walk, opening your awareness to what you see and how that makes you feel. If it feels right, share with us what you discover.

How do I foster deeper access to intuition?

What symbols do I notice coming to me repeatedly over time?

How do I create space to interpret the symbols of my life?




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