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Tarot Discovery Special – November 2013

Tarot Discovery Special

Tarot provides a way to explore what lies beneath the surface of our experience of life, so we have a more complete picture of the great mysteries informing our day-to-day. These insights may empower us to make more informed life-choices and to feel more aligned with the archetypes of our destiny. My readings combine Tarot with conscious evolution coaching to help you uncover the deeper truths within your own sub-conscious and higher-consciousness. I intuitively use several decks to include a variety of energies and insights. Plus I receive spiritual guidance in interpreting their meanings. In November only, I’m offering a Tarot Discovery special for in-person or distance readings, $50 for 45 minutes. Contact me, denise@sagespiritcoaching.com or 775.240.0814, if you’re interested in exploring the depths of your experience and in finding your compass for the next part of your spiritual and practical journey. I would be honored to share this portion of your journey.

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