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Into the Void

Photo by Dana Nollsch www.PhotoZen.us

Photo by Dana Nollsch www.PhotoZen.us

Earlier this month, Laura Plato blogged about her leap into the void. At the time she published, I could very much relate. Now I feel myself even more deeply drawn into an abyss of change, transformation, and also of uncertainty. I took a couple weeks away from my blog just to allow the uncertainty to flow over me, without much added DOing in my days and daze. In this space, I felt certain of one thing: that I would find a new clarity and perhaps even a new direction. In the meantime, however, I just felt uneasy. BIG TIME uneasy. I felt my spirit guides nudging me – in every moment when I would grant them a smidgeon of conscious awareness – to just slow down and to let them come fully through with their message. It took one powerful Reiki session, with me receiving, for me to slow down enough and for their messages to begin to reach me. Gosh how I love that Reiki! I am craving it more than ever – to share, to receive and to Reiki-nurture myself in moments of stillness.

And the downloads and inspirations have been nearly constant since that Reiki session last week, in terms of both the personal and professional aspects of my life. Many of you know me as the “Bring It Girl.” It’s true! My fiery, passionate nature often encourages me to bite life in big chunks. All the same, it can unsettle me to undergo rapid changes (part of the human condition and our survival mechanisms), and it can often unsettle those closest to me too. This can be profoundly uncomfortable for me, as an empath and as one who loves very deeply and nurtures grandly (at least in my telling of the story). I always remember to add, “with ease!” when I utter the “bring it!” phrase, and, “for the greater good of us all.”

At the same time, I am reminded that how when we evolve or choose to align more closely with our dharma, we often end up leaving others behind who no longer feel the deep connection and resonance once shared. Divergent paths may emerge. Tough choices must be made. Surrender may be the spiritual high road, but our earth-minds seldom see the humor or benefit, favoring rather the illusion of control.

And yet deeper into the void I find myself drifting… embracing the shadows as much as the light. I slouch and slink – in deep, present, held-breath moments – into that which awaits me. And I recognize the power of my co-creative potential of late, carefully choosing my thoughts, words, and path. I am feeling blessed, somewhat overwhelmed, sad, expectant, and very excited. I remember to trust myself, my intuition, and my connection to the Divine. I remember to release my attachments, focusing my intentions instead on the greater good, however that may choose to show up, perhaps even beyond my reckoning.

I remind myself daily of Proterrian’s three step formula to guide our evolution:

1. Come from a loving heart

2. Put one foot in front of the other

3. Walk in faith

How do you create the stillness that your intuition demands of you?

How are you in relation to “the void”?

What transformations have you experienced there?

How do you create ease in times like these?



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4 Responses to Into the Void

  1. Dana Meister says:

    Great post Sweetest Big Denise!!

    Yes the energies of growth and expansion can be unsettling indeed. Still… we’re driven from deep within to express what’s unknown (until we get there) of our expression of human/spirit ness. What the heck does that mean? It doesn’t mean much for long, It’s gonna change… I’m happy you added “with ease” to your vibration.

    I’ve known you from “conformity cubical land” defining your contribution to society to Shamanista, high priestess, Reiki Master Teacher, Conscious Evolution Life Coach, lover, partner, co-creator and best friend. That is a very limiting description of your natural vocation, talents, gifts and natural abilities. The most wonderful metamorphosis into higher calling as I’ve ever witnessed.

    I’ve been truly blessed to have played a supporting role in this evolution and am just as committed as ever in supporting whatever the greatest good may be in the days ahead. It is the highest honor to serve source.

    Love is all there is, the multitude of ways Love finds expression is greater than all the grains of sand on this earth combined.

    Who am I to limit Love…silly boy!!

    Proterrian’s three step process is one of the best pieces of wisdom I’ve encountered and incorporated into my very essence.

    I’m so blessed to co-create with you…and all that is


    Love & Light, DanaMeister

    • Thank you, Sweet DanaMeister, for your loving, honoring words. Indeed, the journey we’ve shared has been remarkably profound, and you’ve inspired and supported me each step of the way. There’s been so much more magic in my life since we became partners. Though our relationdance has been unique and dynamic in so many ways, our coming together has also been a source of comfort through all the phases of expansion and contraction. I am blessed in so many ways by your wise way of BEing in the world. Come what may, as we both experience the void in our own way, I cherish who you BE, all you BE… I honor and bless you, to the best of my ability. I know that all we co-create serves the greater good. I love you so big, and I always will. Come what may…

  2. Tania Marie's Blog says:

    love this! and love laura’s share as well. i SO resonate with the same experience of late. definitely in that beautiful and potent void seed right now and so much transition taking place, as we align to the matching frequencies of our current experience. love and hugs to you!

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