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Socha Says: Community and the Dance of Belonging

Ah, it’s been an interesting couple of weeks with Mercury Retrograde providing some antics on my Internet connection. Did you notice I sent no ezine, offered no blog post last week? Well, you were in my thoughts and blessings, but I had little choice but to step away from what I thought would be in my plan, to engage rather what actually showed up for me in my life.

The bigger news! I officiated my first wedding in Kirkwood, California in a space with a superbly loving couple and their family and friends, all camping out for several days in a majestic setting in nature. What fun we had sharing a shamanic style, beautifully spiritual ceremony, custom-created to reflect the inner beauty of the wedding couple. Plus, as a Reiki Master Minister, I could send Reiki into the entire event for the greater good of all, helping to push away those thunderstorms until a more opportune time and creating greater harmony for everyone there in general.

Here’s a Socha channeling video on the role of community for you to enjoy InJoy, with some sound-bites below to summarize key points.


Many of you explore autonomy, wanting the world to show up as you would want it. You may desire feeling control or influence over your sense of stability and security in the world. Yet you are all part of something so much bigger than you can even realize.

Think about who you are and how you show up in love-relationships, in family, in community. Ponder this for your own growth and expansion: How are you perceived? Who do you perceive yourself to be? Who are you becoming in your dance with yourself and within your community?

We encourage you to create communities of support for yourself, in your home, in your workplaces. You may have to make some difficult choices to create this support for yourself. Find support for these choices, as there may be short-term discomfort. You will know you are successful when you find long-term joy, a sense of freedom, and more love. You will know then that you are on your path.

When you feel pain, dissention or anxiety over prolonged periods of time, look at what you have in your world, at what is contributing to those feelings. What do you need to cut yourself loose from?

It’s paradoxical but essential, we encourage you to take better care of your physical bodies as you become more spirit than matter. Feel into your own strength and feed and nurture that, however that may look for you.

Embrace the way that others choose to create their experiences, with loving hearts and openness. Realize that everyone is absolutely on their path, fully and beautifully. Love one another as best you can.

See and dance in your own light. Even your shadows are beautiful for they call you into the light. You are loved in the cosmos, in the stars. You are supported and blessed. Walk in faith.

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