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Socha Says: Oneness and the Dance with the Divine

Greetings from a lovely almost-summer day from OdaBe Acres, our beautiful home of infinite potential, wild flowers, cicada song, and slumbering dogs (in this moment). Dana and I have been sharing our home for Reiki workshops in greater frequency since the first of the year. A couple of weeks ago, we enjoyed a spontaneous afternoon and dinner gathering with mystical, magical friends who bring so much joy to our experience of life. We visited Harbin Hot Springs, an intentional community and resort with an incredible love vibration that surely helps to heal the world. I feel the call to community, of joyful summer gatherings. I delight in the promise of what may come. One wonderful surprise has been the invitation to officiate a shamanic-style wedding for a truly remarkable, beautiful couple near Lake Tahoe. I am so honored and filled with joy at this opportunity to serve in ceremony in wildly creative ways.

As of June 1, we celebrate four years of Sage Spirit Coaching & Reiki. What an amazing journey of expansion and abundance on every level. We are feeling so blessed, enjoying this dynamic journey, day by day. The journey began with the story of Sage, our namesake for Sage Spirit. Socha, friends, clients and students have reminded me to share Sage’s story once more with you, to honor her life and contribution. You can read that here.

And today, we have another message from Socha, who reminds us:

Your times of transition are taking on new dimensions and new patterns of acceleration. We are feeling that many of you have a sensation of vertigo, not knowing where your bearings are from one moment to another. ~ Socha

Click here to view our Socha video on the Dance with the Divine. 

Your lives are part of something so much larger. Embrace the uncertainty and the limitless possibilities of what you may create, knowing that whatever you imagine from this space can be expanded upon more and more. You are free to create. This freedom bears great responsibility. ~ Socha

Enjoy InJoy!

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