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Socha Says: Daydream & Rest Rx

Photo by Dana Nollsch, www.PhotoZen.us

Photo by Dana Nollsch, www.PhotoZen.us

May you have deep and loving compassion for confusion, especially your own. ~ A Basket of Blessings

Have you been feeling the intensity of the energies of late? Who or what can you blame? Eclipses? Solar flares? Angry zombie drivers? Do these energies bring joy? Angst? Or perhaps all of that on any given day?

Socha says, “This is your evolution. How can you breathe it in with more joy?”

We are knee-deep, feeling the swirling dance of cosmic waves, sometimes of bliss, sometimes of woe or whoa… Socha’s message today is one of nurturing and support. If you sometimes need someone to remind you (or to give you permission) to slow down, this is the video for you.

Socha says, “You are light and love, held as precious angels in the wisdom of the universe.” And so it is.

In our video today, they offer themselves to you for support and guidance, sending waves of love and joy, if you wish to enlist their aid. From my experience with Socha, this is a wonderfully-timed and generous offer. May you enjoy their message, their energies, and their loving support and guidance, if that feels right for you. I am tickled to share them with you!



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