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Socha Says: Dream Bigger

We have another “Socha Says” for you today that expresses some fresh, new beginnings in our Socha Journey. For one, Socha expresses the desire to go deeper with this transmission. Indeed, they do. They enter more deeply the realm of prediction and probability, with suggestions for our “success.” This video also offers an insider’s view of the empathic, telepathic relationship between channel and spirit guide, deeply demonstrating our evolution-in-the-making as we all become more and more capable of this level of relating and communicating. Socha also refers to my dear friend and channel, Tim Glenn, along with the non-physical collective he’s been channeling for many years, Proterrian. For more information on them, visit: http://soulpurposereadings.com/. I want to acknowledge Dana Nollsch of PhotoZen who offers his creativity into the videography in a way that’s full of passion, and it shows in the entire process and production, I think.


Here are some quotes from the video:

Focus on the quality of your thoughts, even more than before, so that you may come to a place of peace. Even in the midst of rapid life-transitions, focus on what it is that you want to create rather than on what is falling away.

We encourage you to dream bigger, to spend more time in introspection (as we have counseled before), to allow yourself downtime where you may explore your heart-of-hearts. That is the part that is elusive in your busy lives. You may put down your computers and phones and still experience some measure of well-being. In fact, perhaps you may experience a new level of well-being in your moments of silence. Many of you who meditate are already well aware of this.

We are wanting you to get a glimpse of what it is to be human in these times of transformation, in which, we might add, you chose to be here.

Your physical existence is more energy than matter, even now, and growing even more so.

We welcome you to explore the world within you of magic, fiction, fantasy. What would you create as your ideal world? Focus on that, without limiting yourself to the laws of physics as you know them now.

Grow and evolve in your powers of manifestation. You chose to be here. The mission is great. Hold the outcome with little or no attachment. Having fun is the best way to succeed in this experiment.

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