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Matt Kahn: First Wave of Ascension

Om at OdaBe


The gifts that are awakening in your life and how you step into your potential can awaken the light of consciousness in all hearts. ~ Matt Kahn

My spirit guides, Socha (and other guides too), talk about ascension, an awakening in consciousness that helps us to issue in a new world or new earth.  I actually found it useful to go back and to hear Socha’s words about the portals that present themselves, when we are willing and prepared to walk through them, and that serve our ascension and evolution, as individuals and as a collective. I am feeling portal energies within and here at OdaBe, our sacred Reiki sharing site that we also call home. After the Sacred Reiki Healing Retreat weekend,  the portals and transformational energies amplified like even I cannot believe. The transitions feel uncommonly powerful, but gentle too, and for that I feel most blessed.

In the video below, Matt Kahn (whom I have highlighted before in my blog)  of True Divine Nature also shares what it means to be a part of the wave of ascension and the four-stage initiation process that we are experiencing now. I enjoy sharing resources like these because of the value I find in expanding my consciousness with concepts that serve my personal growth path. I enjoy Kahn’s insights and energy too.

Kahn proposes that by September 27, 2015, all members of the first wave (one-third of the earth’s population) will have completed their initiation and will be living embodied expressions of the fifth-dimensional consciousness. Kahn tells us that fifth-dimensional earth is here now, and we are shedding the limiting beliefs and patterns that keep us stuck in 3D so we can see and feel our way into our evolution. As members of the first wave, we illuminate the way for the others to ascend too.

Here’s a brief summary of the four stages of initiation that Kahn offers, and I welcome you to listen and to take away what resonates with where you are today.

First Stage Initiation – Accountability

Spiritual accountability is when we acknowledge that all choices have a vibrational charge. The way our bodies feel in response to a choice helps us assess the vibrational charge. If our bodies feel relaxed or excited, there’s a positive vibrational charge. If we feel bad about ourselves, or feel insecurity, fear or anxiety, then there’s a lower vibrational charge. When we feel good about our choices, we anchor higher vibrational patterns in our bodies and experiences. Ego, however, will reinforce lower vibrational patterns with reasons and justifications. When we wake up, we transcend these ego messages and return again to acknowledging our body-sensations to find our core truths.

If it doesn’t feel good in your body, how true can it be? The truth always feels good. The truth never hurts. Projections hurt, but the truth doesn’t. The truth is about you. ~ Matt Kahn

Who we attract into our lives also reflects the vibration of the choices we are making. When we make lower vibrational choices, then we find ourselves triggered by everything about the other. When we are high-vibrational, we won’t find ourselves judging others.

We can use this body-knowing to help us as we engage in the choice process too. When we think about a choice and we feel excited, we will find that in following that path, we will continue to feel excitement. I use this assessment in my personal path and also with my coaching, to help clients feel into their higher-vibrational paths. The more positive the choices we make, the more we serve others in their ascension path, and the more we accelerate the process for us all.

Second Stage Initiation – Honor

Honor means the recognition that every character in your holographic play is a catalyst here only to help you awaken. ~ Matt Kahn

A spiritual ego wants to rush into the experience of being everyone’s teacher. Instead, through honor, we realize that people who act unconsciously mirror our past unconscious conditioning so we can see it from a different perspective (not so we can teach them how to behave). When we are triggered by others’ unconsciousness, then we know we have more beliefs, patterns and lower vibrational energies to clear in order to align with our own vibrational potential. We help ourselves and others when we respond by offering loving, healing words rather than judgment, not just for others but for ourselves. Here we learn to compliment others, to offer them loving words, and when they don’t reciprocate, we get to learn the deeper lessons of unconditional love, loving without expecting anything in return. It feels nice when people honor our gifts, but we don’t rely on that anymore.

You are not fed by giving to people so they give back to you. You are just fed by the purity of your giving… I don’t act and treat you because of what gifts I want you to give to me. I treat you in the way that celebrates what I am worth… I give you everything unconditionally because I am worth everything to myself. That’s honor, self-respect. ~ Matt Kahn

Third Stage Initiation – Humility

Humility says regardless of what you want and how you think your life will unfold, your life is already destined to be exactly what it needs to be as a catalyst of your greatest evolution in every breath and every outcome. Life may not go your way, but you will always go life’s way. Humility is where you surrender to that, that life has a bigger plan for you. When you go willingly (or not), life will always hove something bigger in store for you than you can ever imagine. ~ Matt Kahn

Humility is when life’s way and your way become one. Manifestation is when we align in that way, when we have an intuition of what is meant to be, and we are not so much creating things but intuiting them as they come in. When you are out of alignment you want things that are not meant to be. Manifestation is a way of perceiving and a game of energetic alignment. When we let life’s way flow, we feel good in our bodies and we experience everything for our highest evolution.

Fourth Stage Initiation – Service

Light workers often take the impulse of service and make a business of it. Service is not the roles we play, but the way we interact with life. When ego is influencing the path of service, either no one will come to receive our services, or else clients reflect all our unconscious patterns and work becomes a “spiritual horror film.” Clients resist what we tell them, and we feel frustrated, until we realize that these lessons come to aid our evolution as we awaken to the fact that we are in a role we are not prepared for.

Light work and service is about living life in accountability, honor, humility and service. We make every word and deed match the innocence within ourselves and within others, speaking not to an individual but to all of humanity. And we love them. When they resist love, we know humanity is still afraid to let love in, as individuals are a manifestation of humanity.

Kahn suggests that we have a non-spiritual job if we need to make money, so we can practice humility. Service is the practice of interacting with people in the most loving way. For a light worker, we live and breathe service to liberation of the souls of everyone we come in contact with. In this way, our audience and clients manifest around us. When we are in alignment and living in service, whatever role we need to manifest our greatest potential will evolve naturally (and may not match what we had in mind).

This process helps us to transform from one “who knows not what they do,” to someone who acts on their deepest knowing. Life transforms for us as we go through these stages of initiation. Our chakras, DNA and light bodies activate on their own. And once we experience 5D, we will begin to activate into 6th, 7th, 8th…

Life doesn’t bring you what you don’t know. It brings you what you haven’t acted upon. ~ Matt Kahn

Indeed, in exploring these stages, I realize how much more space I have to expand. And I am super excited about that. It must be a sign… thank you, Beautiful Body-of-Mine, Beautiful Denise. I love you. And You. And You. And You. Thank you for BEing in my life. All of You.

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