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Dreamtime: It’s Not Just for Resting Anymore

Sleepy Puppies

Our first ever Sacred Reiki Weekend Retreat was a phenomenal success and so much fun. The demanding training schedule wore out a couple of little rascals though. Perhaps they are just meant to nap Monday away.

Dreamer's Draw

Dreamtime: It’s Not Just for Resting Anymore

Have you been feeling in the intensity of the moon energies, the planets and stars? Have your dreams and sleep-time felt particularly powerful?

All the astrological and energy forecasts talk of intensity, month after month. We may feel weary of it, but this is the time for spiritual stamina. Using dreamtime to draw down messages that serve our spirits is one powerful tool available to us. Before drifting into sleep, we may set intentions for fun adventures, healing energies, insights, inspiration or problem-solving ideas. Perhaps we may dive even deeper, into lucid dreaming where we consciously dream, or into astral travel where we may learn new things, visit other realities, or effect change in remarkable ways, the way of the shaman who knows no bounds of time and space.

This is a time for brilliant solutions, as we have no more need to dally in the many challenges-of-the-day. Enough already! It’s time to awaken to our ancient wisdom, the better parts of the old ways that taught us to honor the Earth as a living BEing (which she most certainly is), and to honor ourselves and one another as we dance in Divine Oneness.

Are you ready for an evolutionary leap?

The Universe desires to support you now. If these are new realms of discovery for you, it can be helpful to embrace this path with childlike innocence and joy, without expectations, while trusting Spirit to bring what we need to succeed.

A mantra:

Dreamtime supports my BEing, bringing uncommon blessings outside the space-time continuum. I open myself to expansion and evolution, allowing Spirit to support and inspire me.

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