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Cosmic Mission

Photo by Dana Nollsch www.PhotoZen.us

Photo by Dana Nollsch www.PhotoZen.us

I am new to Matt Kahn of True Divine Nature, but I feel compelled to share the video below with you. I found it through Tania Marie’s blog, and her thoughts about it guided me to give it a few minutes listen. I knew I wanted to create a bigger space to digest it, so I listened slowly over the weekend, and then again in its entirety, bringing the thoughts deeply into my awareness. There’s so much to take away, and perhaps with yet another listen, my thoughts will go to a completely different place. But here’s what I want to share with you now that deeply resonates with me, that feels powerfully familiar, and that I desire to practice with more consciousness.

We walk around empathing other people’s unconsciousness. ~ Matt Kahn

Kahn talks about the important role of staying in our own energy fields, even though we have a strong desire to merge with others. We know we’re in our own field when we feel calm and relaxed. When we are not feeling this way, we may come more deeply into our field by following and deepening our breath. This will ultimately help us to raise our vibration and to shine our light as brightly as possible without “trying” to help others or without waiting for others to catch up (in essence, dumbing ourselves down energetically to make others more comfortable around us). Dimming and dumbing ourselves down serves no one, actually.

Until you feel good about yourself, no one can feel good in your presence. ~ Matt Kahn

Kahn offers a powerful way that we can serve and heal ourselves and others too. When we are in our own energy field, we will be more conscious of what others feel as distinct from our own feelings. When we sense another feeling worry, anxiety, stress, fear, etc., we can tap into that feeling, think about when we’ve felt that way, and offer words of comfort to that person, out loud, that would be the words we wished someone else had offered us during that tough time.

Figure out the words that would make you burst into a million stars, and start saying that to people. ~ Matt Kahn

These words may help the other person, but more importantly, they will help us to clear our “entanglements,” all those old conditionings and emotional wounds from our past. In essence, we are treating others better than they treat themselves (our self-talk can be so harsh, right?). At the same time, we are aiding our own evolution/ascension by speaking comforting words to ourselves, as we are also listening as well as talking.

Most of what we want to hear from others is, “I love you.” ~ Matt Kahn

Life is not a controlled environment, so we may not always get a positive response to our heart-felt communication. When others are not used to being in their own energy field or if they are used to feeding off our energy field, they may feel like we are not being present or available for them. By staying in our own energy field, we may disappointment them. However, by freeing them from the old cycle and by offering them loving words, we also free them to grow. When they do not have their needs met through us, they will look for the way to heal themselves and to meet their own needs. In this way, we stop distracting them from their work.

This is a summary of action steps, according to Kahn:

  1. I only do things from a relaxed place. I return to breath-awareness as needed to come into my own energy field.
  2. When I engage with others, I say things that I would like to hear.

In summary, the more we speak from the heart, the more we stay in our own energy field. We serve our own evolution and others’ too, regardless of their response to our words. In this way, we are also finding our way to true intimacy and equality through the portal of communication, one of our greatest evolutionary tools. Also, when we relax, staying in our own energy field, we hold a higher frequency. Others come up to our vibration as long as we are willing to hold our own energy field.

I think all of this is another way of saying, “love is the answer.”

What parts of this information resonate with you?

Which of these ideas are you called to try?

How do you feel when you express words of love in different environments and circumstances?


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4 Responses to Cosmic Mission

  1. Dana Nollsch says:

    Very powerful indeed. Putting the message into practice is the next step. There is a lot to digest. Thank you for your insights and sharing with all of us my love..

  2. Tania Marie's Blog says:

    <3 love that you found this valuable too. thank you for sharing my sweet and ever-loving friend xoox!

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