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Our Mythic Maps

We express our lives through an intricate web of stories, unique to each of us, that shapes our perspective of who we are and our relationship with All-That-Is. We might call this perspective our “mythic map.” In my shamanic tradition, mythic maps provide a structure for our work in helping others to heal and also in service to our own spiritual development.

Often our mythic maps display archetypal themes, such as those within the victim-perpetrator-rescuer triangle or in master-slave dynamics. We might be princess, healer, trickster, actor, knight, lover, child, fool, teacher, monk, hermit, priestess, etc. Our spiritual path may involve an evolution in our archetypes, for example from victim-of-illness to survivor to healer.

Shamans help us to explore the ways our mythic maps may be impeding our health, along with our personal and spiritual evolution. Our stories and maps provide clues to energetic imprints in our luminous energy field in need of clearing. These imprints come from trauma in our early life, or even from other lifetimes, that may affect our health. These will be visible to the trained shaman, who may help to remove the imprints. The shaman may then support us in restructuring our mythic maps in ways that promote more vibrant health.

Here’s a story from this weekend’s shaman training, illustrating the power of this theme, while also demonstrating the way that the Universe supports us on our healing journey. Yesterday morning, in workshop among my peers, I indicated my intention to heal my eyes of the need for prescription lenses. Upon stating my intention, we paired up for an exercise. Wouldn’t you know? I found an energy-sucking cord needing removal from my partner’s eye socket. At the time, I didn’t notice the synchronicity at all. Instead, I thought, “Eye socket? Really? How can I work in this region, even in the energetic realm?” I froze. I checked in for guidance. I checked in with my peer. I received validation to proceed.

The session was amazingly powerful for my partner, but so too was my process following the session. Obviously I had to check in with myself to discover my own hang-up in working with someone’s eye. My mind created a bridge, between now and when I was seven years old. My Dad lost one of his eyes in a freak, work-related accident. At the time, my mom worked day and night shifts, while my father needed frequent eye-baths, medicine drops, and re-bandaging. I often performed these duties, happy to be so responsible and helpful to my Dad, especially in duties that seemed to make others feel queasy.

I made up a story back then that eyes are highly vulnerable. Not long afterwards, I began to experience debilitating headaches related to my vision, and I received my first pair of glasses. Then at age twelve, knowing a little more about the world, I became very near-sighted, as I made up the story that the world out-there was frightening to see.

Part of my mythic map, until now buried deep within the layers of my consciousness, involves vulnerability of my eyes, and my unwillingness to see beyond my nose. Can you see how I received this revelation in response to my desire to see the path to healing my eyes?

Which of your personal stories gets in the way of reaching your full potential?

Which archetypes reflect your role in the world?

Who do you admire, and what archetypes come to mind when you think of them?

Which archetypes call you forth into a new way of being?

I practice shamanic healing strategies with utmost respect, reverence and gratitude to all the indigenous shamans and peoples of the world. These teachings come to me mysteriously after a lifetime-longing to explore this realm. I am so honored and humbled by this powerful gift of knowledge and wisdom. If you would like to explore your mythic map and the imprints in your energy field, contact me. You may find additional information here.



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