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The Web Site is Here! The Web Site is Here!

Well, I’ve been away from writing my newsletter much longer than I ever imagined, and it’s been a most remarkable journey. Of course, I welcome you to visit www.sagespiritcoaching.com, but first I’ll share a story about the web site development. As Stu D’Allesandro — friend, artist and web designer — and I were knee-deep in the design process, I had this inspiration as I began to drift into sleep. “OK Spirit Guides, if you have any clues for me about our direction, feel free to offer them tonight.” Well, late in the night, in the process of lucid dreaming, I saw a remarkable vision of a shimmering waterfall, with white and golden points of light dancing where water (intuition) meets fire (spirit). I saw a soothing, rich blue pool that could blissfully divert me for days. I saw my future self (a purple butterfly) as a symbol of air, plus the wolf as a symbol of earth. Ah, such balance of the elements! From my dream, Stu created reality, as you see now that you’re here at www.sagespiritcoaching.com. Stroll down to the bottom of the page to visit the serenity of the clear, blue pond! Many of the creative components of Sage Spirit’s development have come in dreamtime, from the wolf in my logo, to my first business card design, to the splash page for the web site. I’ve certainly learned to trust my dream messages!

This web site is a creation of love, intended as a resource for you. I always welcome your ideas about what may be included, so that I may continue to offer you relevant resources for your evolutionary journey. Check things out! www.sagespiritcoaching.com. Visit our library and peruse our virtual shelves. Check out the new blog space. Leave your comments and connect with conscious, creative community. Check out our awesome survey function on our exercises page to enjoy a playful way to assess your readiness to evolve and also to enroll in a complimentary meet-and-greet session with me!

I’d like to express some appreciations, especially to Stu D’Allesandro of Design Science for expert custom web design and creation support, Jennifer Glaser for her stunning redesign of our Sage Spirit logo, Clayton Beck for his amazing photography, Peggy Rew for her editing magic, and Cody Remaklus for sharing his site preview impressions. Of course, Dana, Myo and SunBear have provided amazing support and amusement along the way.

I also want to thank all of you! You’ve been here with me – whether short-term or long – through many twists and turns in the creation of Sage Spirit. Without your ideas, inspirations, and energetic support, there’d be no Sage Spirit. On June 1, 2012 we celebrate THREE YEARS of Sage Spirit! We are so excited to be here, to be strong, and to be offering our unique gifts into the world through this fascinating adventure!



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