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The Hidden Value of Contrast

If you knew everything was really all right, and that it always has a happy ending, then you would not feel trepidacious about your future. Everything is really so very all right! If you could believe and trust that, then, immediately everything would automatically and instantly become all right. ~ Abraham

In this complex world, by all appearances full of disharmonious occurrences, it can be challenging for the most peaceful of warriors to hold focus on all that’s right with the world. Abraham talks about the role of contrast and diversity of experience in our world, and how experiences that do not bring us joy can contribute to our clarity and focus on what we’d prefer to call into our lives. I recently had this concept really come home for me in a couple of ways, as an individual and as a loving partner, and I believe this also has global implications.

When journaling one morning, I noticed some harsh self-criticism coming up for me related to some really, really old programming (otherwise known as Catholic guilt). These thoughts created the sensation of being painfully separated from Spirit (Source, Universe, God, Goddess, etc.). Suddenly I realized the utter nonsense of this! Why would I continue to engage in a practice of self-reproach that feels completely awful! I chose, rather, the contrast… to see myself (as I see all others) as naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. I see every choice and experience I create as innately connected to source, just as every aspect of me must certainly be. I realized that these moments of feeling disconnected provide a beautiful opportunity to see the root of suffering, and to choose contrasting thoughts that return me to my essence of joy and love. Now I’m feeling complete bliss and so much gratitude for my process and experience.

On another occasion, Dana, my Beloved, and I explored possibilities in our co-creative experience. Suddenly, and so completely rare, we came to a complete divergence in our wishes! This could be problematic in some relationships, depending on the significance of the divergent wishes, but we created a remarkable moment of holding space for one another to grow and expand, even as we continued to consciously create safety and balance in the container for our relationdance. We both found a place of accepting each other’s choices, even as we reveled in the crystal clarity in our desires springing forth from the contrast we experienced in the mirror of one to the other. This is how we choose to roll as partners, and it’s so totally fun and expansive! The video link below will offer another venue for exploring contrast in relationship further.

In our world today, we have plenty of contrast we’re seeing and sensing that may provoke a clear “no” as a response. I propose that we use these markers, not as avenues to perpetuate anger and fear, but as springboards for very clearly imagining the contrast that will promote a resounding oh-yes from our higher selves. Such focus will initially create happier, better-balanced thoughts. Such thoughts lead to inspired action. Inspired action leads to a healthier, happier world for each of us and for All-that-Is.

I offer these questions to help you explore contrast and gain clarity in your co-creative intentions for the New Year:

What old programming no longer serves you?

What beliefs and perceptions will you choose instead?

What do your relationships teach you about your truest desires?

If you could wave and wand and live in an ideal world, how would that look?

What inspired action will you take today?

May your holiday season and New Year be filled with joyous oh-yes moments. May your co-creative juices spill forth in manifesting all you desire in your experiences. May your blessings be beautiful and bountiful. I continue to hold space and intention for us all to experience an abundance of joy, love, blessings, bliss, prosperity, and, of course, fun. Be it so. Aho.


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