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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! That phrase, though overused, depicts different notions for each of us. I have not joined in the shopping ritual for about a decade. I avoid crowds as much as possible at this time of year, as one keenly energy sensitive and prone to over-stimulating in the company of frantic shoppers. I choose something calmer, more invoking of peace.

There’s a certain artistic authenticity that’s evolved for Dana and me in how we choose to show up contrary to mainstream norms in so many aspects of our lives. For holidays, we often engage in quiet, at-home expressions of cheer. Whatever your tradition or contrary expressions of them, we wish for you a season that’s filled with all your joyful imaginings, love, beauty, harmony, peace… as you wish.

This time of year is really amazing in terms of all the focus on gratitude for Thanksgiving, then love and connection during December’s holidays. Finally, at the end of the year, and as we transition into the new, many pause to imagine the world we wish to inhabit for the upcoming cycle of our lives. There’s such power in these energies! Gratitude, then love, then creation! No mistakes in the sequence, as far as I’m concerned!  

On a practical note, I want you to know that I may take a brief respite from this blog so that I can focus on web site development and other important projects. I believe that when I return, I will have more resources to offer you in support of your journey. Meanwhile, know that I hold space for all your growth and expansion and for the making of a beautiful world to emerge. I invite you to check in with me on Facebook.

Much love. Infinite blessings.

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