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Spiritual Speed Racers

Denise - Cloud Dancer

So how is your 2016 feeling? The following wisdom from Rob Brezsney pretty much sums up my experience.

“If everything seems under control,” said auto racer Mario Andretti, “you’re probably not moving fast enough.” I second that emotion. It applies to the entire human race, which is swirling through evolutionary tipping points at an accelerating speed. But it’s doubly apropos for you spiritual freedom fighters and renegade bodhisattvas, because you’re the vanguard shock troops fighting to merge heaven with earth. For your edification and amusement, I will add three corollaries to Andretti’s wisdom:

1. If you’re not pretty much always half-confused, most likely you’re not
thinking deeply enough.

2. If you’re not feeling forever amazed, maybe you’re not seeing wildly

3. The truth is fluid, slippery, vagrant, scrambled, promiscuous,
kaleidoscopic, and outrageously abundant.

How might you go about using these tricks to marinate yourself in a
gentle state of ecstasy pretty much all the time?

Yup! Thank you, Mr. Brezsney, with inspiration from Mario Andretti, for articulating the so precisely! There is just SO MUCH to integrate right now… my business is literally blossoming, and I can hardly keep up anymore while also doing all I need to tend my body, mind and spirit . Of course, there are infinite blessings in this expansion. I’m also finding less time to tend to this blog space, to keep up with the whirlwind of facebook land and all your creations as you present them there. But I am ALWAYS with you in Spirit!

And oh-my-gosh… my inner world! Much of the work I’m doing expands me psychically, so that all of my filters seem to be falling away, allowing for a much more intricate view of what we call reality – both physical and non-physical. The theme of spiritual upgrades definitely continues. I can’t always say it’s a smooth ride, but I always trust the process. And the way the work expands into my sessions feels nothing short of amazing.

I am feeling so blessed and full of love and gratitude. Thank you, All, for being part of this beloved journey.

We want to remind you about the soirée coming up on April 30.  If you would like to come, but I haven’t sent you logistic information yet, please let me know by replying to this email. We also have another Reiki I & II Certification Workshop weekend coming up (for taking either or both classes). You can find more information here.  Click here for a summary of all our upcoming events, including our Stargate Gatherings.

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2 Responses to Spiritual Speed Racers

  1. DanaMeister says:

    I was relieved to see you use the wording;
    “How might you go about using these tricks to marinate yourself in a
    gentle state of ecstasy pretty much all the time?” with emphasis on gentle…

    I know you as the “bring it girl” and I always remind you “with ease please”.

    Yes the energies are ramped up and seem quite chaotic and Brezsney’s quote from Mario Andretti is a good one. Growth & expansion come from pushing ourselves past previous limits / boundaries. That said, I remember Mario crashing a lot (he also was a winner).
    What I’d like to ad to this discussion is although the energies have ramped up the chaos level (and the wonder and inspiration levels). It’s up to us to be mindful of where we’re holding our focus. If we’re expecting more chaos we’ll likely get more (even if it’s not in our best interests). The physical laws of inertia can perpetuate the chaos energy.
    I recommend taking some breaths or a break when things get nutty and do an energetic reset rather than perpetuate the chaos energy. If my higher good needs the “new energy” it will be available to me.

    With ease please…

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