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Spiritual Upgrade

Denise Shamama

Shamama – Sister Shaman of the Stars, Galactic Portal for Evolutionary Wisdom From our Recent All-Day Sage Spirit Stargate Gathering

In describing the energies of March through my experience and through the lens of sharing from friends, family, clients and students, I would say we’ve been through a huge Spiritual or Evolutionary Upgrade. For many it’s been disorienting, cleansing, revealing, exhausting, challenging and oh so enlightening. Lee Harris talks about “The Dance Between Light & Dark” in this brief video.  You may check it out if you’re drawn to deeper insights. It seems that this discombobulation is just fuel for us as we take another new leap into the New Paradigm. May April bring us much more ease. Please and thank you! The Power Path School of Shamanism describes April energies as, “Unsettled,” so if you’d like to taste that ease, the recipe is flexibility and the willingness not to take others’ meltdowns personally.

Here are a couple more things to share. First a hopeful message from Matt Kahn on this very topic. Perhaps the levity we seek is on the way? Then a very lovely, heart-full sharing from one of our own sage- spirits, Camilla Downs, who shares her life and love so freely through her social media presence. I shared this last week through social media, but in case you missed it, here’s the link to, “Dear Meltdown: Welcome & Meet My Friend Mindfulness.”

May you InJoy all that life is bringing you. For indeed, All is here in service to your soul path. And it’s ok to let go of the need to get it right, for perfection. It’s a trap! Who needs that when there’s so much freedom, grace, joy and abundance to experience when we walk in love, in faith… the Beauty Way.


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