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A Guest Blog Post from Matt Kahn

Here’s a hopeful, inspiring message from Matt Kahn, of True Divine Nature. If you’d like more, click here for a link to his new video, “Reclaim Your Power.” InJoy!

Matt Kahn

For many lightworkers, this week celebrates the beginning of a brand new 8-year cycle of positive change. Whether you astrologically chart your life in 7 or 9-year cycles, the Universe was very specific in explaining this period of time to me, as a finalizing of all the great inner work that has been done over the past 8 years to now allow the next 8 years to be a time of reaping rewards and manifesting the abundance of our true infinite spiritual harvest.

I had chills from head to toe when contemplating how miraculously precise life is – as I realized the last day of the old 8-year cycle landed on Easter (this past Sun. March 27); a time to celebrate divine resurrection, and where we say goodbye to the old paradigm and hello to the profound excitement of new frontiers.

As a way of resolving every soul contract lingering from the old paradigm, you may have experienced very physical flu-like symptoms, as the old energy was purged from your cells. Once cleared, you may have desired more “alone time” to further integrate how much has been resolved. This may have looked like sleeping a bit more than usual, withdrawing from being social, or just an impulse to spend more time in nature.

With so much density having been cleared over the past 8 years, especially in the last 2 years, and even in the past few months, we have now entered a brand new 8-year cycle, where the benefits of being energetically sensitive can unfold throughout all areas of life. While everything works in divine timing to ensure each journey is perfect for the uniqueness of every soul, this new cycle is where we build upon the foundation we took the past 8 years to create and to do so in magnificent fashion. This is where the joy of being alive, renewed inspirations, deeper life direction, radiant health and wellness, and even increases in psychic abilities and abundance begin to unfold.

The theme of this brand new cycle is alignment with Universal will. This means as long as you are invoking the light of the Universe to work through you to speak, act, choose, breathe, and create on your behalf, your most fulfilling reality will be brought to life whether or not it matches the desires of ego.  A mantra that can help you enter this alignment of Universal will is: 

I call upon the Universe to work through me, to make each decision, to speak every word, to savor each breath, to experience each moment, and to manifest every outcome as my highest alignment of consciousness for the well-being of all that I AM now.

While it may still seem as if you are making each choice, it is your willingness to invite the Universe to work through you that allows everything in your life to fall into perfect position and reveal the destiny of your spiritual paradise from the inside out.

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