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More Prayers & Daggers

In today’s post, I’m here to remind you…

 Your struggles and challenges honor us all, for as you embrace them and heal them, you heal us All.

You will find more on that below. First, I enjoyed such rich and powerful sessions and transformations with many who chose to receive last month’s “transition spiral” sessions. I’m guided to extend this into November as well. Enjoy a Shamanic Reiki session that will cleanse and purify your entire energy body in a way that frees you to fully embrace and embody your fullest potential and the future of your dreams. This is among the most empowering, powerful, but gentle healing techniques that I’ve had the pleasure to share. In November, these 1-1/2 hour sessions are once more offered for $111. Contact me, 775.240.0814 (cell) or denise@sagespiritcoaching.com to schedule or ask questions.

Photo Credit: Chouchou Maldemer (with much gratitude)

Photo Credit: Chouchou Maldemer (with much gratitude)

More Prayers and Daggers

 Do you realize how powerful you are, even when you feel the most unsettled and powerless?

Do you sense the Divine within yourself, and that everything you experience reflects the Oneness of us All?

In last week’s post, I quoted Caroline Myss, “All thoughts are prayers or daggers.” I knew this could be a whole nuther rabbit hole to explore and thanks to inquiries from our community, down we go… I always love it when you ask, by the way.

How can thoughts be prayers or daggers? These are my own reflections of Myss’s quote. Simply put, thoughts are prayers when they reflect love. Thoughts are daggers when they reflect fear in some form – anger, frustration, hostility, envy, jealousy, etc. How can thoughts possibly have so much power? You may remember our “Reiki Effectiveness and Science” blog post where we talked about the phenomenal influence of thoughts on our health and quality of life. More and more, research shows the significant effects of energy on our health and our experience of reality. Thoughts are energy. Thoughts are enormously powerful.

So why does this matter? For me, it’s about taking responsibility. Of course, we know through the teachings of the Law of Attraction that what we send out in terms of thoughts and energy returns to us. The more peaceful and joyful we are within, the more we attract more of the same. When we are fearful, we don’t feel good. We may focus our thoughts outwardly as daggers, in order to release some of the intensity of emotion. Ultimately, however, we will have to go within to find the underlying fear or insecurity, to deal with these shadow aspects in a more effective manner. If not, we continue to attract the same types of lessons to help us to clear, learn, and grow beyond our fears. This is sometimes called karma. It’s a fabulous design really. Well played, Universe.

Even deeper, we are all One. We all contribute to the shared dream of consciousness, or what we call reality. We have certain boundaries and limitations in what we create within the collective dream. That’s why we can’t suddenly imagine into being something like an earth-honoring, organic hovercraft home. The collective dream doesn’t accommodate such things. Not yet. I’ve tried.  All our thoughts, words and deeds contribute to the collective consciousness and to our evolution. We are empowered every time we show up to heal our own fears. Not only that, we add to the healing of our collective fears. It’s precious, Divine work that we are up to. We are All worthy.

The next time you think it’s all about you, remember that you are an Angel showing up in service to All-That-Is. Your struggles and challenges honor us all, for as you embrace them and heal them, you heal us All. You raise the vibration on Earth for us All. Our collective potential expands. And we are grateful. Thank you for being so courageous, for showing up day after day, year after year, to play in EarthSchool, playing SO BIG.  Gosh Dang! You dazzle me. I am humbled.

Which triggers continue to activate your fear response? What lies underneath? 

What do you need to feel safe, empowered, joyful and loved?

How will you encourage others to feel safe, empowered, joyful and loved today?

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4 Responses to More Prayers & Daggers

  1. Dana says:

    Oh, Denise, I love you… Thank you for these thoughts, today! I am too, too familiar with focusing those fearful thoughts outward… Dagger energy… Shudder.

    I am coming to learn that my fear response is triggered by being judged – or (quite often) the simple perception of being judged – either by myself or by others. Always, in my mind, the judgment ends with a verdict of “unworthy”. Though I haven’t fully identified what lies underneath, what I have to go on right now is that the roots lie in never feeling unconditionally loved in my formative years. I mean truly and wholly loved for who and what I was. Which was different, right out of the gate!! It’s a heavy load, carrying the “stigma” of “different” (read: unworthy) when you’re five or six. It is a load that I am only just now beginning to cast off. Half a lifetime is a long, long, time to carry such a burden.

    To feel safe, empowered, joyful and loved, I need to honor that my “different” is perfectly okay and that I am, indeed, worthy. I am learning. Those lessons are still showing up. But the pace with which they come has lessened, it does not feel as relentless. Perhaps because I am learning how to heal my energy body – and, in doing so, I am learning to speak my truth from a place of grace instead of from a place of defense and fear.

    Today, I will offer encouragement for others to feel safe, empowered, joyful and loved by reserving my own judgment, and replacing it with calm, loving, Reiki energy.

    So looking forward to Sunday! I will have the Serpentine pony (among other items) for the fire ceremony… : )

    • Beautiful Dana… I love you too, Sweet Angel, and I am so honored to share this journey with you. I feel the strength of your intuition, offering loving thoughts and words to others as a part of your path of healing. I know the path has been so challenging, as being/feeling unloved in early life is perhaps the ultimate challenge. And yes you shine so beautifully in this world, a blessing to so many and to our four-legged companions too. Can’t wait for Sunday and our sacred circle gathering… can’t wait to see you and the Serpentine pony too. Yay! Love and blessings always! <3

  2. Sandy Morris says:

    Fear is such an odd beast, isn’t it? Sometimes when I feel like I am “supposed” to feel afraid I am incredibly calm at my center, and sometimes when the littlest thing happens I am left reeling with self-doubt and curled up in a ball like a child who has been abandoned. I’m with Dana in that those horrible doubts instilled when you are a child seem to be the hardest ones to eradicate. This should be a lesson to all of us to treat our offspring with the best we have in order to prevent it from happening, but our flaws stand in the way, of course. So it is no wonder that we are all left doubting our own divinity and power.

    Thankfully we have each other and all of the spiritual and shamanic tools at our disposal and, if we listen hard enough we have the wisdom and power of the entire Universe! I believe that it is our very presence on this mortal plane whose purpose it is to reaffirm that strength and power.

    Sometimes I think it is too bad that it takes an entire lifetime to re-learn that we are divine, and then I realize that it is just what it IS! It’s designed that way! The way we learn is how we are made, so the learning process is designed just for us. Each unique person, each unique learning, loving life and each addition to the entire Divine Consciousness! It’s perfect! It’s only as mortals that we define it with such adjectives as ‘difficult, sad, painful, etc.’ In the perfect Universe, lessons are just that. Perfect opportunities for learning. If we don’t learn the lesson the first time, we get to witness the perfection of more opportunities and more lessons!

    I have recently been led to a whole new (for me) network of people that have and will become my spiritual teachers. One woman in particular, a Reiki Master and great spiritual coach in her own right, has become a great friend and teacher for me. The past few days when I have been dealing with a medical ‘scare’, I will call it, for lack of a better term, she has been telling me, “I don’t believe in doctors. I believe I can heal myself with the power of the Universe. I also don’t believe in genetics. I don’t have to have the same diseases as my relatives. I do Reiki every day on myself and others and surround myself and them with a field of protection and it works.” She told me that time and space have no meaning in the Spirit World, and in that place I was already healed. I told her that I wish I could be there, and I probably will be some day, but right now I still have that self-doubt and feel as if I’m not ‘there’ yet. My mind is open, and part of me KNOWS she is right, but the little kid in me says, “But what if…”.

    Yesterday, in the midst of my fear, I was trying to observe every step of the way. I was not as scared as I thought I ‘should’ be, as some others have been in similar situations, and as I have been in even bigger situations, so I was giving my power some consideration, but still the lingering doubt… still the smaller but still present fear… And onward the teachings go, spiraling upward!

    Namaste and love and light!

    • Dear Sandy, Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and wisdom. I’m so happy that you are finding support in your community, and some magick too, it feels like to me. I feel you soaring high above the storm clouds of life in what you share, seeing and perceiving the eagle view and the inherent perfection in all-that-is, though things can surely seem wonky at times, n’est-ca pas? When I achieve these eagle states, I know that I feel so much more at peace with the world, and even more hopeful. It’s true, our evolution is all too messy at times, and we do often feel regret or sadness. Then we may have those moments of deep knowing, acceptance and bliss that make the journey so worth-while. I love that you’re in my life, even from a distance. Thank you for all the beauty you bring to my days. xoxox

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