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Reiki Effectiveness & Science

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Greetings Beautifuls!

My Reiki Journey of late has been particularly beautiful and expansive. Our community of Reiki students, practitioners and masters has been coming together monthly for discussion, activities and ceremony. The level of sharing has been so insightful, powerful and transformative. I feel so blessed to be connected to so many wonderful Reiki-Angels and to be the connector that brings them together. I am also preparing for the first and second Reiki Clinics. There are still spaces available for the second on April 23. Let me know if you’re ready for a one-on-one session that will nurture and strengthen you, mind-body-soul. These can be offered on site in Reno, or at a distance. Here’s a little piece on Reiki Science that I thought would be helpful for Reiki students and clients alike.

Reiki Effectiveness & Science

In our Reiki Certification trainings and in our monthly Sacred Reiki Circle Gatherings, we enjoy integrating the art, spirit and science of Reiki. There are many documented research studies of the effectiveness of Reiki,  other energy healing modalities, and healing prayers. Just a few highlights include:

  • Accelerated recovery from surgery, with improved mental attitude and reduced negative effects (such as depression, pain, organ rejection) when Reiki is shared during surgery
  • Increased relaxation, less pain, better sleep, increased appetite and better patient cooperation in hospital patients who receive Reiki
  • Reduced heart rate and blood pressure with Reiki
  • Enhanced immune system by increasing white blood cells with Reiki offerings
  • Improvement in red blood cells for those attuned to Reiki
  • Improvement in red blood cells for those with significant illness receiving “laying on of hands”
  • Faster healing of minor wounds when treated in-person or by distance through a “trained healer”
  • Healthier outcomes and extended life for AIDS patients through distance prayer

Through advances in physics and medical science, the blending of science and spirit in healing becomes more and more understood. We are learning how much the environment and non-physical world (trauma, toxins and thoughts) impact our physical health. Through epigenetic research, which I’ll talk about below, we are learning that physical health is within our power to create, and Reiki sessions and/or training can help.

A few years ago, I had the chance to attend a lecture by Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist who was formerly a stem cell researcher and medical school teacher at Stanford. Dr. Lipton is an internationally recognized authority in bridging science and spirit. He is the author of Biology of Belief, Spontaneous Evolution, and the “Wisdom of your Cells” audio collection. He is a visionary scientist and the pioneer of the new science known as epigenetics, which translates as, “above the genes.” You may remember, I wrote about some of the content from Dr. Lipton’s lecture as it relates to our conscious evolution on this blog post.

As a medical school professor, Dr. Lipton taught the “central dogma,” the belief that DNA (our genes) informs RNA and then our proteins. In the central dogma, we are at the mercy of our genes and we are powerless to change our predispositions to heart disease, cancer and other genetic conditions so that we will one day inevitably express these. In his research, however, Dr. Lipton found that the environment of the cell had a profound effect on the health of the cells, much more so than the codes locked within them. For example, some studies show that genes that cannot digest milk sugar will develop lactase, the enzyme needed for digestion, if they are only fed milk sugar. We are learning that information flows both ways, DNA to RNA to proteins, as noted in the central dogma, and at the same time, information from the environment can also inform the proteins, the RNA and the DNA, for better or worse. Genes can be activated and de-activated by signals from the environment.

Dr. Lipton stated in the lecture I attended that only about 5% illness is caused by birth defects, while 95% is caused by environmental cues. These environmental signals can include trauma, toxins and thoughts (conscious thoughts, emotions and subconscious beliefs). The subconscious beliefs can make things tricky, and they constitute about 95% of our beliefs. Many of these originated before we turned about six years of age, when we took in all information without filters based on our brains’ developmental capacities. Our subconscious can create ease in our lives, like when we drive several miles and realize we’ve been on autopilot. However, some of our subconscious thoughts may circumvent our happiness, even if we are unaware of them. A clue may be when we notice that our lives refuse to flow in alignment with our conscious desires. For example, we may seek love, yet in our subconscious we may feel unworthy. Then we will attract love interests who are anything but loving.

The new biology moves us out of victimhood and into mastery of our health. We are empowered by healthy food, exercise, limited exposure to toxins, a positive mental attitude, and we can even reverse damage already done to our cells. We have many available resources to help us to undo trauma, clear our subconscious programs, and raise our vibrations to heal. Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Psych-K, meditation, hypnosis and other modalities help us in our prevention and healing paths.

Here’s another piece to consider. Based on our cultural norms that promote constant achievement and stress, our sympathetic nervous system tends to be highly active, promoting a fight, flight or flee. When this is true, our cells channel energy towards our arms and legs and away from nutrition. Our cells cannot rebuild or regenerate in this state. Our bodies are not meant to stay in sympathetic mode for extended periods of time. Part of the way Reiki works is it promotes functioning of the parasympathetic nervous system, the state where our cells are nourished and replenished. When people receive (or give) Reiki, often their stomachs start to grumble and they become embarrassed. But this is a good thing. They are finally digesting food and assimilating nutrients efficiently, something that’s a rare treat but much needed for vibrant living.

In general, Reiki raises our vibration. It brings us more serenity, happiness and joy. It helps us to heal from trauma, toxins and thoughts that inhibit our happiness. In heals us from the inside out, rather than masking symptoms. It’s simple. It’s powerful. It’s life-changing.

If you found this interesting, you may also want to revisit the blog post on Spontaneous Healing.


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