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Circle of Stones

I gather a circle of stones.

I am grateful to live in a place of natural abundance. At least a dozen species of wildflowers greet me during each walk. I’ve also grown in the habit of noticing the plentiful, powerful minerals that grace this place – quartz, obsidian, jade and others I cannot begin to name.

I am called to ritual each day:

  • Sending gratitude, love, blessings, and Reiki to the earth
  • Asking for stones to speak to me, especially those who would like to be included in my circle to assist in expanding my spirit
  • Noticing shapes, sizes, and colors
  • Sensing how they feel to me and how they make me feel
  • Talking story to myself during the gathering as if I sit with a circle of Elders
  • Sitting by my circle after the gathering to place my new stones
  • Meditating on the circle, sending Reiki blessings to the circle and all-that-is

Today I notice a freshly burrowed hole on the crest of a hill. A heart-shaped chalcedony lay kicked out by the new residents, an offering to me, a treasure. The heart appears nearly quartz-like, pristine white with a red slash from top to bottom down the middle as if to signify the two ventricles of a heart coming together in union. Feeling the hard, cool stone in my hand, my life begins to synergize into a whole I haven’t felt in several days of witnessing the earth’s and ocean’s chaotic attempts at healing. I feel a flood of creativity enter into my heart and mind in a way that feels completely integrative.

I gather a circle of stones. They nurture me, inspire me, and feed my creativity. They call to me in my sleep, in my dreams, away from living slumber and into life – awakening!

What new ritual calls to you?

What would your heart like to create? to integrate?


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