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Heart of Stones


Heart of Stones

Years ago I wrote a blog post, “Circle of Stones ,” about the role of ritual in my spiritual journey, along with the powerful inspiration I receive from my stone family. From the stones I’ve gathered from walks at Oda Be Acres, our home sweet home, I felt inspired to create a heart of stones on Sunday.


“Gratitude” Garden marker by Katie Packham, Copper Cat Studio http://www.coppercatstudio.com/

As I created the heart, I felt myself deeply connected with the earth’s energies, squatting or sitting on the warm ground during the late morning and heat-of-the-day. I called up all the love within me, to infuse into the heart of stones, and to emanate to all my Beloveds, our families, our communities, all of humanity, and all our relations in the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms. Feeling but not noticing the scorching sun much of the time, I heard thunder in the distance as I placed the last few buckets of stones carefully and consciously around the perimeter. Suddenly the sky opened to bless me with refreshing rain, a heaven-sent gift from the clouds for one very hot and dusty goddess!


Fortunate horseshoe with heart chalcedony from my original “Circle of Stones” post

During this shift in consciousness, we all in this human family become more heart-based and more conscious, even if some days it feels like we’re relapsing. That too is part of the process. This heart, as it expands with each new stone gathered and placed, calls forth a new society in which we all experience enhanced freedom, love, prosperity, creativity, wisdom, consciousness, and more. May we all receive abundant blessings, with all that we desire that’s aligned with our higher path.

What desires do you hold for your life and beloveds?

What dreams do you harbor for humanity?

How may ritual serve in the manifestation of your dreams and desires?



Treasures representing prosperity, creativity, wisdom, love, and expanded consciousness for us all


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