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Unabashed Truth of a Spiritual Entrepreneur

Are you an entrepreneur by nature or a reluctant one? Are you thinking of starting up your own business or partnerships, aligning with your dream or destiny? Or have you recently taken that big step, wondering what is next and which way to turn for support? Or perhaps you have a wonderful job, but would like to engage your intuition more deeply or to create more work-life balance. It seems I’ve been working with many lately who are preparing to take a big leap in crafting their relationship with their lifework. If you are among them, then this post is for you!

Ashley Jennings of Lean Crafting is a Sage. Happily, she is a member of our Sage Community and a supporter of Sage Spirit. She is a life and business coach for creatives, and a true entrepreneur-at-heart with multiple business start-ups in her-story. Ashley demonstrates many talents and passions, among them sharing the unabashed truth of designing life and business. She recently invited me to join her for an interview, to share my unabashed truth as spiritual entrepreneur. You’ll find that podcast on Ashley’s web site, and other posts and recordings as well, to learn from Ashley and other sages. I invite you to join us and to learn some of my secrets as spiritual entrepreneur and CEO.

May they well serve you and your journey.

p.s. The sound quality through my microphone could be better during the first few minutes. Hang in, and the sound quality gets better. Click here to listen. We also have additional information on “unabashed truths” in the Sage Spirit Library.


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