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Cosmic Visibility, Intuition and the Conscious Evolutionary

I have struggled with visibility, or as one client so eloquently labels it, exposure. Launching the web site was a huge hurdle for me in allowing for visibility. The source of my hurdle may be described practically as simple shyness. No doubt there are also more energetic sources, such as the intricate dances of past lives or archetypal themes (as we choose to believe). Since early childhood I have identified strongly with hermetic, monastic life. Then there are those pesky burned-at-the-stake mystics and healers. Surely there are several roots to something that has run so deeply throughout my life.

We all experience the world in both practical and energetic ways, whether we’re conscious of this fact or not. Conscious evolutionaries often learn the value of different ways of knowing. We know so well the logical, linear ways ingrained into us through our educational systems. We may also open up to more intuitive and heart-based ways of knowing. In addition to practical solutions, we may find answers in magical or symbolic ways. And so it has been for me lately.

In practical terms, the web site is finally here and available for anyone in the world to see. But I find that the search engines aren’t landing there, that I’m still hiding out energetically in some ways that are preventing my visibility in the material world. Asking for intuitive guidance, I received the symbolic solution: Post Winter Man II (a very personal prose poem written years ago) on facebook, to allow deep exposure into the world.  I knew that following the advice would be powerful for me, because I felt all the air sucked out of my lungs when I hit the post button. I never share my fiction and creative writing! You may say, “What in the world is the connection?” Often such symbolic solutions are the most constructive. Operating in the energetic realm, solutions may take hold immediately, outside of the constructs of practical time-keeping. Besides, I’ve learned all too well that whether intuitive guidance makes sense or not, everything flows more easily for me when I choose to follow it.

A couple days later, talking with a wise and beloved friend, I received an equally valuable solution of a more practical nature, “Twitter works great in guiding traffic to blogs.” Well, do you know that feeling when you recognize that the world conspires to provide your solution through one particular angel-in-earthsuit? That’s how I felt, even though I’ve known about Twitter for a long time! You know how much I love facebook! I’m lukewarm about LinkedIn. I’ve been positively adverse to Twitter! But now the timing feels perfect. I have an exciting new realm to explore, and I’m jazzed! Then, while writing this blog post, I ran into our web designer at a party, and he offered more sage advice for me to share with you. Returning home, I asked my dream guides to provide another answer for me related to this post. They offered all that, plus some other helpful tips. I’m so IN THE FLOW!

The lessons of a conscious evolutionary and a spiritual entrepreneur are never ending! I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way!

I would love your help, Beloved Friends, in being seen in the world, and it will only take about five minutes of your time. Here’s what you can do, if you feel called to pitch in:

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If you feel called to forward the web link, www.sagespiritcoaching.com, or our newsletter, to a friend, I would be most delighted! As always I appreciate your support and send you oceans of love.

I’ll leave you with some thoughts for your pondering:

How authentically are you willing to be seen?

How many ways of knowing are there for you?

What strategies do you use to tap into your intuition?

How would increasing your intuition benefit your life?


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