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Prosperity Portal

Psychic Medium Samantha Fe and I had an amazing opportunity to spontaneously create something to share with you, the video embedded below. During the all-day Stargate Gathering in the tipi on June 4, what came through was an amazing prosperity portal for light-workers to clear away money-energy blockages and to open gateways of abundance. A special shout-out to Laura Plato of Courageous Be for igniting this idea.

This video serves as (1) an orientation to The Stargate Experience and (2) a personal-community-global prosperity portal to clear your money hangups and to embrace the Earth and Spirit providing for your heart-full desires.

The more people we have tapped into the Prosperity Portal, the more amplified the energy becomes for all of us. Enjoy the story and orientation in the first part of the video. Then give yourself 30 min to relax, settle in and release your blocks around creating more prosperity in your life. You can use the meditation again and again to clear more blockages, reconnect with the portal, raise your vibration, and invite more prosperity day by day.

Please share with family and friends. We would love to hear your story of how the Prosperity Portal has worked for you in the comments below.

Thank you, bring me more.


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