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Power of Integration: Coaching Plus Reiki

Don’t ever think you know what’s right for the other person. He might start thinking he knows what’s right for you. ~ Paul Williams, Das Energi This is my secret about what I love the most about life coaching and … Continue reading

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Living with Incongruence, Part III

To change, a person must face the dragon of his appetites with another dragon, the life energy of the soul. Mevlana Rumi In “Living with Incongruence Part II,” we explored the different ways that incongruence shows up in our lives. … Continue reading

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Why Sage Spirit?

During a recent Reiki workshop that I offered, a participant looked at my business card with a picture of a wolf, and asked, “why the name ‘Sage Spirit’?” The brief response is that, in my experience, coaching creates the space … Continue reading

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