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The Power of Gratitude and Love in a Life Fully Lived

Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of The Hidden Messages in Water, demonstrated with his research that water molecules are affected by thoughts, words, and feelings. This is particularly relevant since humans and our earth are composed mostly of water. When Dr. Emoto froze water crystals while exposing them to negative words, like “fool,” heavy metal music, or if the water was contaminated, then the water droplets would become deformed, ugly crystals, or they would refuse to form crystals at all. When he exposed the water droplets to positive words, like “thank you,” classical music, or photographs of natural environments, then beautiful crystals would form. He found that two words together, “gratitude” and “love,” formed the most beautiful crystals of all. From his research, and from the teachings of many others, we know, “what we imagine in our minds becomes our world” (p. xxii). The more we focus our thoughts on gratitude and love, the more we will create lives that reflect the essence of these energetic vibrations.

On our Conscious Evolution journeys, we often create rituals and ceremonies to mark conscious moments in our lives. We can initiate some simple practices each day, like those below, that will help us to resonate more fully to gratitude and love. I have noticed that for me, it’s a good idea to rotate rituals and ceremonies so that they always feel fresh and freeing, rather than habitual and obligatory. Over time, I will share other practices that empower our Conscious Evolution journeys.

Gratitude journal – Many of us have visited this practice from time to time, but it’s worth revisiting, especially in this season of conscious gratitude. Keeping a bed-side journal for recording end-of-the-day thoughts about appreciations for that day can create an inviting space for reflection and for peaceful sleep to follow. I recommend recording ten gratitudes, preferably original ones each day. They can be simple to profound, for the air we breathe, for a warm moment shared with a loved one, a beautiful sunset, bird song, an unexpected win or earning, or anything that offers your heart a tug of joy. Notice all the love you feel and all that you receive, even from Mother Nature. Seek, throughout the day, to notice all you’re grateful for, and welcome even more joy, love, and abundance into your life. You may also feel compelled to give thanks to God, Spirit, Creator, the Universe, friends, family… to acknowledge that you’re not all alone in what you create in this world.

Intentions – Each morning, create inspired intentions for the day. You may begin by recognizing all that you would like to embrace, such as love, change, inner guidance, inspiration, an easy-flowing day, etc. Then note what you are responsible for creating that day. If you’re self-employed, it may look like allowing abundance to flow into your life, to serve a certain number of clients, to earn a specific sum of money. Then, referencing your commitments and accessing your higher wisdom, note what you desire to create that day. You may want to ask, “What would God, Spirit, Love, the Universe, etc., have me do?” You may desire heart-felt connections with clients or colleagues, the capacity for authenticity, or to accomplish five things on your to-do list. Really dive deep, allowing magic to come into the space. For example, “I desire for the dentist to give me good news about my tooth that hurts.” Then see how you do by day’s end. Are you ready for more expansion tomorrow?

I find that these two practices, when combined, provide fantastical results. But you may ask, “What’s love got to do with it?” Everything! The more we consciously feel and express gratitude, the more our vibration rises in our bodies, and the more we attract higher-vibrational experiences. This world would benefit greatly from more love, both felt and expressed, as it’s like a great, beautiful circle, you see. Love is your essence, so nurture yourself, notice all the wonder in your life, and notice how much better you feel as you create and attract more and more wonderful experiences.


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