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Conscious Evolution Tip: Control & Surrender

Photo by Dana Nollsch www.PhotoZen.us

Photo by Dana Nollsch www.PhotoZen.us

Socha reminds us:

The infant knows that she is one with the mother. Soon she learns that the mother may be gone, that she can be alone, and that she can feel isolated. When we believe, as we’ve been taught, that we are separate from others, we may indulge our impulses to exert control or influence over them. We may desire to create what we believe will be a better experience for ourselves, for them, or for both. However, once we embrace the unfathomable mystery of the Universe that informs our Unity, we are able to surrender to whatever may be, to find and to cherish the gifts in whatever may be showing up in our lives. We are more apt to revel in our own sense of freedom while supporting others in finding their authentic journeys, all without attachments.

Are you willing…

  • To share your breath-of-life, your joy and love, with all-that-is today?
  • To surrender your will to divine grace?
  • To align your creative juices with the deeper mystery that informs us all?
  • To live and breathe magic and mystery?
  • To live with more ease, grace, joy and love than you ever imagined?
  • To begin today, in this moment, to go deeper into your wildest authenticity and alignment with your destiny?

In this video, Socha and Osho tell us a little more about control and surrender.

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