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Dance of the Divine

Artist: Susan Seddon Boulet

It’s cliché, but I unapologetically say it anyway. Your life matters. If you had a Scrooge moment here-and-now with the ghost-of-the-past, you would see remarkable ways that you’ve altered others’ world views and life experiences. You would see the Magic of your soul expressed in remarkable ways.

There are times, too, where you’ve played the fool, heart-breaker, sacred clown, noble friend, or sacred cow. These times too, you played a divine role in the path of the others, helping them to see the aspects within them that needed healing and integration.

At times, Love put on shoes and walked out the door. You wondered if you would ever feel worthy again.

In all roles, in all ways, you are an expression of the Divine. You ARE Divine.

When I think of you, of me, of the divine comedy, my heart opens, my love expands, my joy magnifies, my sad-and-happy tears blend and flow. I embrace our Unity with our Divinity.

We serve Love and Truth. How blessed we BE.

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