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Sky Spirit Shamans: Concentric Circles of Love

Artist: Cher Lyn

The Greatest Lie we ever told ourselves is that we are separate from one another. ~ Laura Plato

A guiding vision for all my creations, years in the making, has become manifest in the most magical of ways. Today we revisit a post from September 2015. Our Sky Spirit Shamans Certification Program began last week, with thirteen delightful angels-in-earthsuits coming together in loving support of all our dreams for ourselves, our families, our community, and our beloved Earth.

We invite a coming together – beautiful humans, dancing with reverence on our Earth, joined by our beloved angels and spirit guides – in ways where we are All supported in more love, more joy, and more abundance in all manner of blessings. We transcend our “wounds,” whether they show up as shame, judgment, competition, fear, anger, victim- and scarcity-consciousness or other destructive, hurtful forms.

Together we step into our empowerment as healed healers, as loving leaders, and as heroes of the destiny of our making.

We do this by gently loving these “wounded” aspects, as well as all the golden-sun aspects, in ourselves and in All others. We celebrate the magick and mystery of our world, with consciousness and in ceremony. We know that ceremony gives our lives more depth and meaning, while supporting powerful transitions and transformations for us All.

As the veils between seen and unseen “realities” thin and shift, we soar with beloved spirit guides and angels supporting All of us in miraculous ways. We are in awe at the degree of focus we have – as in clarity of sight, integrity of intention, and empowerment of creation and manifestation. Because we All co-channel and freely share the wisdom of the ages, we add to one another’s expansion synergistically.

In family, in community, we open ourselves to the infinite, the sacred, the divine wisdom we have forgotten, but which is our birthright. We re-emerge as who we BE, in loving support of ourselves and one another. We taste sweet Freedom, and we offer it to All who open themselves to our gifts.

It’s not a secret anymore. We are One. Love.

We are blessed and we are blessings upon this Earth.

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