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Way To Go! 2016!



Snowy OdaBe

And so it begins…

The final couple of weeks of 2015 felt like so much clearing and prepping, making way for what feels like a huge leap forward. I am willing and I am ready! Are you?

We have lots of wonder in the making for this year. I’ve completed my Sage Spirit and creative life vision map, and I’m in awe of all that’s coming into focus and into BEing. As always, we are here to support you in living your best, biggest and brightest life through private sessions and many events to share.

What I’m noticing is that masterful, empowered creation takes on more and more of a mystical feel for me. Gathering with others, in ceremony and sacred circles, helps us to align with the creative forces of the Universe in the most magical ways. We are wanting to share with you too…

Oceans of love and blessings, Dearest BEings, Angels-of-Light…

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