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Socha Says: Awareness Rx

I have scheduled and unscheduled this post. More than once. In fact, I first channeled and transcribed this post in March 2013. And I buried it. Felt too “out there.” Then I came upon it serendipitously several weeks ago, where it once more activated a sense of riskiness.

You see… the Universe keeps showing me the most amazing things of late. I feel such profound shifts in every facet of life. But how to articulate it?  So today I choose to sidestep my monkey mind and share what’s here now for me to share – an old share, indeed, a message from Socha, my spirit guides that I feel is still timely. Maybe more so than ever.

Awareness, especially self-awareness, is an essential component of consciousness. ~ Socha

Socha always honors me in the messages that come through, but I knew back then, in March of 2013, that Socha wanted to go deeper with me, providing content that felt uncomfortable. But I agreed to open, they shared, and then I sort of stuffed it into the background of my busy life. What’s amazing is how much this “out there” content has become much a part of my day-to-day awareness.  So below I will share highlights from that channeling session. Then I will share a short video describing The Stargate Experience, which I share in small groups and in private sessions since last summer when I became a trained Level II Facilitator.

Socha Says:

Species from the stars – our Star Families – planted star-seeds within life on your planet. They have been influencing events since the beginning. There are many astral influences, as you know, including solar flares, radiation, spiritual and planetary influences, as well as support from Star Families. In particular, these energies activate dormant DNA in your bodies and energy fields, that in turn activate multi-dimensional traits that were seeded in you long ago.

There will be many opportunities for expanded extra-sensory perceptions, telepathy, intuition, as well as awareness of blending of physical and non-physical realities in a seamless, transparent way. As these codes continue to be activated within the DNA strands, we see that some humans will choose to embrace these changes with relative ease and others will resist. There is no right or wrong with this, but only choice. For some there will be a strong willingness to go the distance, to embrace the unknown simply based on intuitive hunches and feelings. 

We recognize that change is not easy, but change is inevitable. As part of this evolution, you will be coming together with others of your kind, in terms of your kindreds from the stars. You will be reconnecting with your tribe or community of Beings who are non-physical in nature, or multi-dimensional (non-3D) including what you call ascended masters, spirit guides, angels, and star beings.

Currently there is so much dissension on Earth, even to the extent of conflict and war. What we see is that there are great opportunities for coming together of all these families, communities, and tribes with respect of diversity, for transference of thought. Empathy, as it grows within and among you, will allow for relating with more compassion and unconditional love. The divides between people and nations have the potential to dissolve to allow for greater peace. 

The work is not done yet. There is much left to do. You are the light-bearers, the love-bearers. The more that you can embrace your intuition, and the more you are willing to embrace our presence and guidance in your ordinary moments, the more you will be able to create what it is you are here to do, in terms of creating community, transferring wisdom and knowledge, showing others how to be the love they already are. We are here to help you with that.

There are many frequencies among beings on Earth, including those who choose the dark ways, who are very survival and greed oriented. And there are the light-bearers, some of whom barely acknowledge the existence of their earthsuits, for they are so filled with light. There is every expression in between. Of course, you already know there are real dangers in your world and real probabilities for conflict. Know that you are protected, and yet that does not mean that you are immune from conflict. It simply means that your higher-self is aligned with the choices that you make. A conflict you perceive will be in your greatest good ultimately.

You have many tools for cleansing and protecting your energy fields: visualization, prayer, smudging, yoga, meditation, intention, incense, Tarot, journaling and more. These tools invite intuition and higher levels of consciousness. You consciousness or intention is even more important than the tools you may use to protect yourselves from conflict or dark energies. Your consciousness in this deep state of evolution is subject to influence. We are wanting you to nurture and to love yourselves, to remind yourselves that you are enough. Know that you are whole and complete in yourself, so that you are not calling forth any dark energies that are looking to hitch a ride on your energy field, as they are welcomed unintentionally by fear-based thinking.

We honor the path you have chosen. We honor the conflicts that are here now for you as you engage in your transitions. We honor your deep psychological processes that you are engaging as you purge all that does not allow you to express your full essence of light. You are doing your work well. You are on task. We support you. We have your backs. We cherish, adore and love you. We are all one, all family. We are reunited once more. We are eager to enjoy even deeper levels of exploration, expansion, co-creation, and connection.

And this on The Stargate Experience, which I have been so blessed to share with others. What I notice is that simply by relaxing and allowing the meditation energies and messages to flow into the space, much more rapid rates of healing and expanded consciousness is possible. I hope you InJoy.


If you would like more information about our small-group Stargate meditations or experiencing the Stargate energies in private session, feel free to contact me. Our next meditation gathering will be on Wednesday, October 21 at 5:30pm in Reno.

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