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Road-Kill Consciousness


Another rural road… Sierra Buttes, California

Many years ago when I lived in Smith Valley, a tiny, rural community in Northern Nevada, reckless road rabbits outnumbered people by a considerable margin. Their lives and deaths became a driving meditation for me, as I used telepathy to avoid collisions with them with phenomenal success. Yet, the evidence of their destruction and demise by cars and drivers were commonplace on our community roads.  So how could I BE with that? I noticed four stages of conscious evolution in BEing with that:

  1. Sometimes I felt so distracted in my monkey-mind that I barely noticed the dead rabbits. I had almost no thoughts or emotions about them.
  2. Sometimes I felt almost undone by them. I felt so full of sorrow and anger at the futility of their demise.
  3. Sometimes I acknowledged that there were blessings present too, that some crow, hawk, coyote or lion would appreciate an easy way to fill her belly and perhaps her babies’ bellies too.
  4. Sometimes I just breathed into the knowing that everything is in divine order, that I need not make meaning of it at all. I felt full of faith and joy, filled with gratitude at the sweetness of my life.

In times like these, it’s easy to find evidence of metaphoric road-kill everywhere we look, especially in the news. My consciousness shifts constantly, in and out of these stages above, as I open myself to levels of knowing and feeling, whatever may BE in my day. In my own conscious evolution, I’m reminded again and again to be present with what is.

I am awareness. I am the breath. I am life. I am love. So are you. Namaste.

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