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Ancestors, Reiki Salon, Sacred Circles, Tipis and Wedding Plans

Drummer Shaman at Mandala

So much has happened since I last shared about our wisdomkeepers gathering.  I have several draft posts nearly ready to share – and they are more wisdom-sharing in nature than this one – but I feel that the time is not quite right for their release. I will just catch you up a bit about what’s happening in our Sage Spirit community, knowing that with the “quickening” – or our perceived/actual expansion/acceleration of time – even more will unfold by the time this post finds you.

Many of you know already, but my beautiful father, John P. Sheehan, crossed the rainbow bridge on Saturday, April 11. My Dad is a wonderful, loving man, a true Aquarian and philosopher, and we enjoyed about fifty years of the most amazing conversations. I am so grateful to my extended family and friends for the loving support offered to my family during the very unsettling week leading to his surprising transition. I am also grateful to our Reiki family who shared the shamanic death rites ceremony with me as we enjoyed a Reiki Master Retreat weekend. We sent waves of healing to my family in Florida, as well as to my Dad, which felt just so right. I miss having Dad as champion in human form, but I am most grateful to have him as one from above. My Dad and I spent much of his final week in shamanic journey together, sharing wonderful memories, celebrating his life fully lived, and cherishing his love for his family. Oh my, he and I shared some amazing adventures back in the day, but those are stories for some in-person gathering over a pint of beer and “cheers” for Dad. Here’s a picture from the last time we gathered in Gainesville, Florida.

family photo 2011

And here’s one from back in the day.

Mom, Dad, Debi & Me, around 1972?

Mom, Dad, Debi & Me, around 1972?

So, I mentioned the Reiki Master Retreat weekend. To date, twenty-two Reiki students have taken that bold step into their spiritual paths as Reiki Masters trained by Sage Spirit. Dana and I feel so blessed by the amazing people who come to Sage Spirit to study Reiki and to participate in loving, supportive spiritual community. One of our Reiki Masters requested a Reiki Master Intensive Workshop to help her to fully prepare for her role as teacher. That request evolved into a Reiki Salon (full of deep philosophical and spiritual inquiry and exploration) and Shamanic Reiki Ceremony to empower our deepest integration of our Reiki Master paths and transformations. Here’s a photo of our ceremonial community mandala full of symbolic treasures and delightful energies.

Reiki Masters at Mandala

Several of us also enjoyed a wonder-filled Sacred Reiki Healing Circle with a focus this time on journeying and exploring the ancient cultures of Atlantis and Lemuria. We returned from our journeys with helpful tools and wisdom to help us on our spiritual and earthly journeys. These gatherings are not limited to Reiki practitioners, and we’ve enjoyed expanding our invitations intuitively to those are interested in feeling supported and embraced by loving community.

The wisdomkeepers who gathered at the equinox attended a reunion in Susie’s tipi, with stories, snacks and even more spiritual support. Here’s a picture of Susie’s tipi.

Susie's tipi

And we are in the process of ordering our 22’ tipi for ceremonial gatherings, workshops, fire and moon celebrations, drum circles and so much more. We hope to have many, many years of beautiful memories, rockin’ the tipi at OdaBe. Join us!

And we have many more events coming up:

  • A “Fountain of Youth” Workshop with guest facilitator, Michael Saliba on Friday, April 24
  • Reiki I and II Certification Workshops in May and June
  • Sacred Reiki Healing Circle on June 7
  • Wisdomkeepers Gathering at the Solstice, June 19-20
  • White Star Manna Reiki Workshop on July 25-26
  • Reiki Master Teacher Certification and Salon on August 29-30
  • And don’t forget our Wedding Celebration on September 19 – pretty please save the date and join us!

Somewhere in all that there will be the tipi raising celebration as well. We will send more information about these in the near future, and let me know if you would like to know more. I’m happy to share anything.

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