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State of Grace

Photo by Dana Nollsch www.PhotoZen.us

Photo by Dana Nollsch www.PhotoZen.us

My heart has been expanding lately (and painfully) around what we might consider problems, cruelty, and even atrocities. Sometimes we just seem to find too many ways to beat ourselves and others up. But in cases of animal-cruelty, child-abuse, hit-and-runs, and whatever else we may struggle to be with, what then? Where’s the love? How do we show up as love? How do we love ourselves for our struggle to love?

To be anything other than love for anyone else is ultimately an act of cruelty upon ourselves – of hiding, shaming, and destroying a part of us that’s linked in forever-unity to the whole of creation.

Dr. Usui, the “founder” of Reiki, offered us these Reiki Ideals to help us to navigate life:

Just for today, do not anger.

Do not worry and be filled with gratitude.

Devote yourself to your work and be kind to people.

                        Usui Mikao

Sometimes it helps me to realize that I don’t know what another person has been through, their challenges, struggles, and even their “personal hell.” I know that in no way can I possibly understand the divine plan.

All I know is that I love every little inch of every one of you. When I forget, I turn around and love myself for forgetting.

All is well and all will be well.

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