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BEing InJoy


Are you feeling the quickening more and more? Does it feel like everything in the world accelerates and expands at phenomenal rates? When was the last time you said, “I’m bored”? Ha! These are remarkable times and it’s time to embrace spiritual stamina, if you haven’t already.

I’m reminded of how important it is to have balanced energy, giving and receiving, if we are to remain healthy and abundant. Getting regular Reiki sessions keeps me filled up so that I can keep offering workshops and sessions from an overflowing, joyful fountain and still have energy for other fun things. I don’t always remember until my body reminds me, and of course once upon a time it had to give me a HUGE reminder!

DanaMeister and I just returned from spending a week-plus at Harbin Hot Springs… hiking, soaking in the pools, hanging out with beloved friends, meditating, eating glorious cuisine, reading, napping, and just chilling at camp. The love and joy vibrations at Harbin always feed my soul and spirit so big. And since we live in the high-desert with abundant earth, air and fire energies, it’s so balancing to spend hours enjoying the sounds and sensations of water-water everywhere. Our visit there reminded me of how simple things, like reading a spiritual book, fill my spirit so utterly and completely. I sometimes forget to make space for these in my rich and purpose-full life, and I cherish the reminders to InJoy life more fully and slowly at times.

As we integrate once more into our lives at OdaBe, our humble sacred sanctuary we call home, I feel that we are anchoring in those love and joy vibrations that we re-connected with even more deeply in our self-nurturing times at Harbin, and that we’re expanding and anchoring them in at OdaBe, for sharing in community with all those who choose to come to visit. We even quite spontaneously added a vegetable garden at OdaBe on Sunday after years of procrastination! We will love sharing the organic, love-grown bounty, if it’s meant to be.

When you feel low energy, I encourage you to think about what fills you up – body, mind, soul and spirit – and go for it. You deserve it!

And if you are ready to kick-start or re-energize your spiritual path, we welcome you to join us for our Sacred Weekend Retreat for Reiki Certification in Levels I & II.  Also, please save the date of August 2, as we’ll be sharing our Sage Spirit Summer Soirée with live blues from The Rick Hammond Band to warm your heart and tease your feet. We already have the event up on facebook. We hope you join us for one or both!

What can you do to nurture yourself today?

What simple pleasure have you been denying yourself?

What BIG joys are you willing to embrace now?

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