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Cave of Creativity

Photo by Denise

Photo by Denise

We are conditioned to believe that life is a number line. We are either fixated on the past, or we are stationary/stuck/stagnant, or we are moving forward. Forward motion is valued, and occasionally presence is too, in service to creating a better future mostly. What if instead, we saw ourselves as an infinite point of light dancing in a sea of spheres – each brilliant, bright, and brimming with amazing diversity? When I dance into this perspective, in this moment, I feel the presence of so many bright possibilities in my shimmering field called this-precious-life. I don’t know that there’s a “right” perspective, but I suddenly feel expansive while just BEing here now in these delightful spheres.

Last week I wrote about the void.  I love Tania Marie and her work, as you know, and she’s also been blogging about the void. You know how I love synchronicity! You may enjoy this blog post.

Here is a beautifully articulated excerpt:

I love that beautiful and potent void seed right now that is taking place for many, as we align to the matching frequencies of our current experience. In the process, you may find much loosening up and falling away in terms of relationships, friends, situations, work, where you live, etc. None of this is wrong, bad, or to be judged. It’s just a natural process of aligning with resonating frequencies, as each of us takes a new step on our paths. At every turn there will be tough choices, but they will also be the most enriching. You can’t please everyone, nor are you meant to. You have a responsibility to you and an integrity to your truth, and inevitably this is for the highest good because this in turn provides the opportunity for all others around you to do the same. This is love manifest. It is not selfishness, if done with purity of heart for the highest good always. ~ Tania Marie

Last week I met with Laura Plato to explore similar entrepreneurial inspirations and intuitions we’ve been having. As we began to explore, we became excited about so many wonderful gifts and learnings that we might share. Staying in the void, however, we decided to allow what is formed in other dimensions to remain unformed in this one a little longer. We decided to dance in the realm of the “cave of creation,” intending over the next several weeks:

  • to shed what no longer serves us using shamanic Reiki principles and practices
  • to write, explore and create from a space of beauty (using the breath rather than the brain)
  • to live symbolically, at the soul level
  • to invite intuitive guidance through empathy and telepathy, allowing our filters to fall away for truer vision
  • to explore the role of archetypes in our lives, noticing which to release and which to embrace more fully
  • to notice monkey-mind thought-forms that limit our capacity for congruence and authenticity
  • to be with not-knowing what we are creating, while embracing the potential for inspiration to come in divine timing
  • to be with conscious languaging, noticing what we are creating by witnessing what shows up in our experiences
  • to prepare for our Wise Woman Crowning Ceremony, coming more fully into our “crone” era of empowerment, creativity and divinity

Now, these are not the ways of “business best practices,” but in exploring new models for thriving in our transforming world, this seems as good a space as any in which to play. Plus we are able to honor the season and our alignment with nature by pausing in the cave, taking a break from being hyper-active in the world.

For me, remaining in the cave is not always easy. Being busy has been my natural state of conditioning for fifty-plus years now. As a creative, I always seem to be dancing within and exploring the balance between freedom and structure. I’ve found that several structures help me to remain aware of my presence in the cave: daily BEing check-ins with my partner, playing, praying, creating art, journaling, pondering daily inquiries, noticing synchronicities, encouraging focus on a symbolic life, resting, enjoying guided meditations/visualizations/shamanic journeys, dream-journaling, resting, meditating, spending time in nature, making mandalas, and identifying what stays out of the creative cave (consciously choosing yeses and no’s to create space).

How does the concept of “cave of creativity” apply to you and your life?

What is it you desire to create while you are still in this earthsuit?

What is it that the world desires for you to create?

What structures help you to thrive in the cave?


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2 Responses to Cave of Creativity

  1. Dana Nollsch says:

    As a creative person I think the cave is a place I explore without direct intention. I am excited to explore the cave with intention and with the focus on creation. I see that creation will involve much more than I could have ever imagined.
    What to create? I believe as we explore our caves we will have a more focused idea of just where this path is taking us.
    Thank you for waking me to so much My Love..

    • And how fun to be muse to one another, to dance in the spiritual realms of discovery and creation together, and to surrender to what wants to be born through us. How blessed we are! So much love…

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