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Labyrinth Meditation

Come join us for a seven-minute labyrinth meditation, filmed at Rancho San Rafael in Reno, Nevada. Feel the tranquility in the presence of the elements (sun, breeze, brush, and watery music), profoundly balancing energetically. What do you feel, sense, notice? I welcome you to share comments and questions below.

Dana Nollsch created this one day as we finished filming for other projects. We each walked the labyrinth individually, they he overlaid the images in a shade-like way that I think is just beautiful. There could be so many metaphoric levels of meaning in this I am only just beginning to explore.


Which twists and turn in your life truly served your spirit?

What have you noticed about the twists and turns in your relationships? How have they served your soul journey?

 Where do you go and what do you do to find balance in the elements of life?

 How will you nurture and sooth your soul today?


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