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When you close your eyes and imagine Reno, Nevada, what comes to mind? Saloons, gunfights, and tumbleweeds of olden days? Quickie marriages and divorces? Slot machines and craps? Or winding roads to mountain lakes, crisp air, and ski slopes?

Or do you think of a place where people find encouragement to live intentionally, embracing love, integrity, courage, service, and respect? Or where people collaborate to create strong community ties that promote spiritual growth, cultural transformation, and a sustainable local economy?

We’re all that here in Reno, and much more…

Conscious Community is a movement, building in strength and influence for several years. The goal is spiritual as well as cultural transformation. Embodied first in the way we live, transformation radiates outwardly into our families and into our social and work lives.

In February, I attended a Weaver Group Training as part of the Conscious Community movement. I enjoyed myself thoroughly, exploring spiritual concepts and community development principles. Many of you know how these align with my passions. Mostly, I enjoyed the wonderful angels in earth suits who came. Everywhere I turned, I met smile after smile, loving hearts, and warm energy.

There I learned all about facilitating Weaver Groups, a grassroots strategy within the Conscious Community movement where we get back to the basics of our humanity by breaking down barriers that divide us. In Weaver Groups we connect heart to heart with one another and also with the positive aspects of our community.

Through this movement, and through our connections in Weaver Groups and in the community, we consciously create our community – one that supports and nurtures us, and one that inspires us to live in compassion and love.

Do you want more honest, authentic, loving relationships in your life?

Would you benefit from the support of others in your spiritual journey?

Would you like to see your community transform culturally, economically, spiritually?

Are you inspired to be a catalyst creating a better community?

If you are interested in joining a Weaver Group right here in Reno, please join us on March 24 at 6:30 pm. Contact me, 775.970.5476 or denisesheehan@yahoo.com, for more information, or call Richard Flyer, the visionary and creator of Reno’s Conscious Community, 775.851.2993.

Ah, but so many of my friends live outside of Reno. Bummer! Not really, because Conscious Community can come to you too. It works better when we spread the love! Richard has resources to help you get started, and I’ve listed links to some below.

I’m totally jazzed about Conscious Community. I’m ready to embrace transformation on many levels. Are you?

To learn more about Conscious Community in Reno, visit: http://www.itstimereno.org/

To access information on the training guide, visit: ttp://www.itstimereno.org/calender.asp

To watch the new video about Reno’s Conscious Community, visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gK-QOf1HDfs






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