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Reiki for a Vibrant Life

What in the world is Reiki? Reiki (pronounced “RAY-key”) is spiritually guided “universal life force” energy that promotes stress reduction and relaxation and contributes to healing. Reiki works on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, restoring balance to body, mind and spirit. Reiki also helps to remove barriers and challenges, while empowering goals.

People often think of “hands on” healing. It’s different than massage, because it’s not invasive. Light touch, or even just hands over the body, are all that’s needed. It’s super easy and fun to learn. Once we learn Reiki, we can offer it to ourselves and to others. I know first hand, the results are amazing. In addition to the huge benefit of healing from chronic illness, here are some of the benefits that I’ve experienced and shared with others since I integrated Reiki into my life:

• Minimizing negative or self-defeating thought patterns

• Feeling more bliss, joy and gratitude

• Attracting more abundance, beneficial experiences and joyful people

• Feeling more love and compassion for myself and others

• Enhancing intuitive abilities

• Relieving stress during times of external pressures and transitions

• Accessing quick relief when feeling fearful, hurt or angry

• Feeling love energy more deeply in day to day life, using that to guide choices

• Feeling more connected to my life purpose

• Accessing spiritual guidance more readily

• Healing archetypal themes (such as saboteur and victim energies)

• Balancing heart and mind energies

• Relieving acute and chronic pain

• Clearing rooms and other spaces of negative energies

• Helping others to heal

• Helping others to transition from this life

Reiki has been nothing short of a transformational force in my life. In truth, part of me didn’t fully believe in it when I first learned Reiki. Once I had nowhere else to turn, Reiki really pulled me along on my healing journey. For those who already enjoy vibrant health, what a gift to have the added preventative healing energy of Reiki in stressful times like these. How wonderful to offer healing, loving energy to our aging loved ones just by touching them.

How would you benefit from Reiki’s healing energy?

With whom would you like to share the gift of Reiki?




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