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Spiritual Ennui, Empowerment & The Beauty Way

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It’s a common misperception to think that following the spiritual path brings endless ease, joy and love. In fact, inviting spiritual growth may create the opposite, at least for awhile. We will get what our souls need to evolve rather than what our personalities want. As we follow the path, one day we realize that even things that suck are divinely designed for a greater purpose.

Many of us are going through BIG stuff. Many of us are nurturing others going through BIG stuff. Through it all, it’s empowering to remember that we are ALL Children of the Cosmos, infinite StarDust, Rays of Light, and Lovers and Channels of Divine Source. Sometimes our greatest power lies in surrender and in choosing happiness, moment by moment.

Transparency around our emotional vulnerabilities serves as a foundation for trust and intimacy (into me you see) with others. When we are willing to show our fears and insecurities, we give others the opportunity to love and support our authentic selves. When we hide our fears in the shadows, we may feel like imposters.

When we expose who we truly BE, we get to trust Love in bigger ways. It is also the path to empowerment, where we may learn to trust ourselves and our Truth in bigger ways, allowing for expansion in awareness, experience and creation.

And if some people fall away as we show up authentically, then they are not here in service to our souls any longer, and it’s healthy to let go and let BE.

Loving you ALL, sharing waves of empowerment-blessings, believing in each and every one of us, with all my heart.

May your Truth and Light attract only Beauty and more Love…

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