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Sage Spirit Community Open House: A Celebration of Life, Love, Joy & our Dance with Spirit

salt bath

The tipi project evolves at its own divine pace, with much muscle-work from Beloved Dana. Hopefully we will be gathered there by the end of August to enjoy Sacred Circle. My vision for the tipi involves “love in concentric circles,” with all the yumminess of our gatherings flowing outward into the world and contributing to the healing of All-That-Is. I am so ready to share with you… to sing, dance, drum, bless, laugh, embrace joy and tears, learn, smoke the people’s prayers with the Sacred Lakota Pipe that was gifted to me, and so much more.

With the new office space, I’m dreaming and visioning all kinds of new ways to gather in community, and to strengthen and support ourselves and one another as we continue to evolve in consciousness. I went back through my blog to look at a couple of posts that I remember as providing a framework for my vision on what community means for me and how to show up. As you know, my desire is to foster community where we are all leaders and wisdomkeepers, rather than having me BE sage-on-the-stage.

You may click here to revisit, “Beyond ‘Woundology’ and into the Hero’s Journey, in Community.”

You may click here to revisit, “Community and Evolution.”

And now… for a special invitation to those in the Reno/Sparks/Tahoe area.

Sage Spirit Community Open House: A Celebration of Life, Love, Joy & our Dance with Spirit

Join us on Wednesday, August 12 from 5:30 to 7:30 to celebrate our expanding Sage Spirit Community. We have so many wonder-filled angels who grace our gatherings and events, plus we have a beautiful new space to gather, our “treehouse” at 888 West Second Street, Suite 307, in Reno, Nevada.

We will offer snacks, beverages, music, ceremony, and drawings for gifts, all amongst a gathering of earth angels. The grand prize in our drawing will be a six-session package of “Conscious Evolution Coaching with Shamanic Reiki Sessions for Life Change,” valued at $900. Our drawing will be held at 7:00pm. Please be present to win and to meet our contributors.

I welcome members of our community to show up as wisdomkeepers, leaders and givers. Please contact me if you would like to offer:

  • A drawing prize (service certificate, gift bag, etc.) that represents your business (you would have a couple of minutes to share about yourself as you offer your prize)
  • A musical offering (acoustic guitar, singing bowls, or other gentle sounds that allow for conversation)
  • Snacks, desserts or beverages
  • Other ideas?

Please RSVP by August 7. If you have any questions, contact me at denise@sagespiritcoaching.com, through facebook private message, or by cell phone (775.240.0814).

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