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Autumn Equinox

Oh gosh! The energies of late have been most remarkable. Many are experiencing struggles, economic challenges, fears, resentment, jealousy and other manifestations of the shadow-self. I have utmost compassion and love to share for my own growth-opportunities and for all-of-us. Other moments bring wild clarity and insights of remarkable potency. Ah, how delight-filled and wondrous the journeys, even if some days feel more like slippery-slope!

In the week ramping up to Autumn Equinox, I began to feel powerful shifts in the threads of what we know as reality. At the same time, I began to sense the New Earth or reality come into focus, as if through the veils or mists of what we believe to be true today. It’s becoming more and more obvious that the Old World Dis-Order crumbles, but let’s not dwell on that! What I perceive beyond the mists is a world beyond our imagining… beyond anything I’ve experienced through fantasy or science fiction ~ more magical, more surreal, more amazing… It feels deliciously peaceful and relaxing and safe and fun and wonder-filled. I feel/see our senses opening up, and words cannot describe the multi-sensory way we will all take in information… with our whole bodies and with our whole spirits engaged! Imagine us all, dallying about, feeling free and curious and utterly present in every moment, completely taken in by the wonders all around us!

And so on Autumn Equinox, I felt called to ceremony, to hold the space and vibration for us all to experience transformation, however we might define that, but to make it EASY and FLOWING and LOVING and GENTLE! The rest, my friends, is up to you!




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