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Spirit & Ease

Happy New Year! So, how are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions or intentions if any? If you’ve been falling down a bit… well, there’s always self-love to cheer you up! You know I’m a huge proponent of self-love, even if I falter more often than not in my own practice. Our wise and loyal SunBear shares some love and compassion with us today, as you will see below.

If you could use some help cleaning up your stinking-thinking, aka monkey mind, and in embracing more love and joy, even as we emerge more deeply into the new year, we can squeeze a couple more people into our “Loving What Is” Workshop this Friday night and Saturday, offered by Joy Day. Click here for more information.

Spirit & Ease

SunBear reminds us of this Truth:

Whoever said we are supposed to get it right? We totally made that up!

SunBear Selfie

SunBear Selfie

It’s a common misperception to think that following the spiritual path helps us to become more perfect in every way. We may even believe that we will be rewarded with endless ease, joy and love. This belief may be a remnant of a religious teaching, though we know those are a wealth of contraction too. Think of Job and his whole biblical book of woes! In fact, inviting spiritual growth may create the opposite, at least for awhile, as we become hyper aware of our shadows and short-comings. We may become self-critical when we feel we are not in the flow of creation, attracting the opposite of what we think and say we want.

It’s a paradox, but we will get what our souls need to evolve rather than what our personalities want. We have so much subterfuge running in our subconscious programs, and only bringing this into the light of awareness will aid in becoming the masterful creators we wish to be. And yet, we are not masters of the entire universe, and our desires never trump the greater good of all.

But as we follow the path, one day we realize that even things that suck are divinely designed for a greater purpose. We realize that the things we crave at the personality level, like stuff, really don’t seem as important as the soul-level joys, like peace, love and healthy babies. Then the days of ease, joy and love really do flow. I think. I will let you know when I get there.

Today we celebrate and honor our humanity and all the brilliant and not-so-brilliant ways we show up. Letting BE can be so freeing.

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